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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana' started by BlazethatShiat, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. BlazethatShiat

    BlazethatShiat Veggy Stage

    guys just a question i am currently on zoloft and whenever i get high i get really paranoid and upset do any of you know what is going on with me?
  2. elcajon555

    elcajon555 A Fat Sticky Bud

    Well for starters pot can make you paranoid and upset, regardless of being on other drugs. However other drugs might intensify it.
  3. adfaFd

    adfaFd Begun Flowering

    if you dont like getting high, dont do it
  4. marymaryquitecntrary

    marymaryquitecntrary Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    if i were you, i would contact the physician who Rx'd the zoloft for you.  tell them that you are having panic attacks almost everyday (or whenever you have them).

    maybe a change of drug is in order. good luck!

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  5. Guest

    move somewhere pot is legal and chill! unless you already are, then maybe you need some help. how do you feel when you dont take your meds? i'd say go back to the doctor that issued you them pills and see whats up, like mmqc told ya!
  6. BlazethatShiat

    BlazethatShiat Veggy Stage

    i wanna move to amsterdam so bad but i dont think i can just my job wont let me at the moment but i need to chill and im kind of paranoid about a lot so i dunno im gonna see my doctor really soon
  7. HazeNHydro420

    HazeNHydro420 Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    Moving to amsterdam would be so fucking cool. I'd live in the coffee shops!! I plan to take vacation there some day. Gotta keep a good savings to do that. Not really on topic but just wanted to put in a few words hehe!!

  8. It's the Medical Marijuana making you feel least that is a typical side-effect for me when using California grown Medical when you feel "parinoid" just tell yourself........OHHHHHHH I'm really stoned.......and you will be happier.

    As for the Zoloft........get rid of you don't absolutely REQUIRE these types of drugs, that specifically target your brain,......DON'T TAKE THEM........that's just my opinion..........and my experience.
  9. Guest

    Two Cents:

    Different plants work differently. I currently mix three different types together into a blend.

    Once I have my medical marijuana I grind the whole amount up and mix well.

    By mixing all the medical marijuana together, it will "normalize" the marijuana dose.

    I then use good judgement in the dose size and expect that each equal sized dose will have more or less an equal effect each time.

    The key, for me, here is to know before hand what level of medication is right. By knowing my dose amount I avoid discomfort and over medication.

    BTW I am glad to not take that "brain bleach" Zoloft or the other "Prozac" anymore.

    Power to the people!

    Marijuana may not work for everyone and a wise man once said to me; "always talk to your doctor about any problems with any medicine or treatment." I suggest the same.
  10. llIndigoll

    llIndigoll Medical Grower

    Many medical users avoid getting high, rather they take a single puff with plenty of air. Also, if you are smoking to relieve pain or discomfort, sometimes MJ isnt immediately effective. I find that depending on the strain, anywhere from <1 minute up to >1 hour can pass before the smoked MJ really sinks in. It sounds like you are over-medicating.

    Others ingest it. I've heard testimonials of over-dosing on ganga food, so learn your limits.

    Another option is to spin the MJ herb with another smokeable substance, like ginko or peppermint leaves.

    I agree with Organix in that speaking with your doctor may shed some light on your situation. Didn't your doctor prescribe your 'zoloft'?
  11. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Right on Organix. :bigok: Another 'salad' maker in the bunch. Love the new avatar too. ;)
  12. MisSativa

    MisSativa Blazed and Confused

    Question: how is medicinal marijuana different than the stuff you might get from your hookup? And where does it come from? There must be professional growers for the governement. Serious curious

    Another question: Lets say a guy in Cali has a script for Medicinal use and he goes to NY on vacation, where its not legal. Can he legally carry and smoke his herb in NY

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  13. stormtroopertk421

    stormtroopertk421 Veggy Stage

    "Another question: Lets say a guy in Cali has a for Medicinal use and he goes to NY on vacation, where its not legal. Can he legally carry and smoke his herb in NY?"

    I doubt it MisSativa. State laws don't apply outside their state, except in some circumstances like drivers licences. I know for example that a gun permit in one state does not necessarily make it legal to carry a gun in another state. I'm sure it's up to each state whether or not they will accept an out-of-state prescription, the same as an out-of-state marriage licence or gun permit.
  14. llIndigoll

    llIndigoll Medical Grower

    "how is medicinal marijuana different than the stuff you might get from your hookup? And where does it come from?"

    --Only as different as the strain, grower-techniques, and all other variables that make MJ different from other MJ. It comes from medicinal growers like myself. There are listings of opportunities through government-funded agencies for medical marijuana cultivators here in Oregon. There are also suspicions that confiscated MJ is often used for medical and research purposes.

    "Can he legally carry and smoke his herb in NY"

    --No. The legality of medical marijuana is state-specific. It is against federal law to possess, cultivate, or use marijuana for any reason. Driving across state borders with medical marijuana is just as illegal as driving across state borders with contraband. The main difference is the fine induced, as most medical marijuana card-holders who break MJ laws only get their certification revoked where non-card-holders go to jail.

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