Microbials.... attack now!

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Cultivation' started by Serenity420, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Serenity420

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    Ok so heres the scoop in a nut shell...

    So after many succesful crops, on my most recent crop I some how contracted the deadly cyna (aka Brown slime of death!! Muhahaha lol) ... soo after some research I choice a microbial tea brew. So I brewed me up a batch.. only thing is pythium set in bad in the system and stunk! Peww lol. So I took my system apart and scrubbed every thing and dipped my roots into a strong h2o2 solutio wich shocked the shit outa my young plants.... I then reconstructed the system and added only water for 24hrs...

    Next day I walk in and see the after effect of the h202 blast expecially in the ones most effected by the brown slime. They are very droopy and stunted needless to say. So I then proceeded to add my nutes and ph my res. Shortly after which I added 2 gal of microbial tea to the 25 gallons of solution in my res... a few hours later I noticed black stuff from the tea collecting on the already damaged roots which I assumed was probally specs of the humus from ancient forest that seeped through the nylon sock I used as a bag.. so I figured it was harmless. So I waiting another 24hrs...

    I walk in the next day and discover from top view most of the plants ecept one that was damged the worse had picked up its leaves a little bit. Which is a good sign. So I check out what's happening below and I find that the ends of the damged roots that are submerged have collected or built up large glumbs of brown slime again and the system still stanks. I did see some new root growth shooting out the sides of the net pot that seems to be very healthy.also I noticed foam in the water mostlt white although u could see brow foam too like the white foam was breaking it down.

    So obviosly I'm concerned that the brown globs of slime that formed over night on my damged possible some dead roots.. does this mean the tea is not working? What should I be on the look out for?

    Should I stay the course?

    Or drain res and clean roots and try adding water only with a little h202 in the system?

    Any one have any input on this? I'm nervous that the tea isn't working becuase as soon as I added the nutes and tea after it only took 24 hrs for more brown gloops to appear on the bottom of the roots??

    What do you guys think ?
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  2. BongRippa

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    I have been wanting to try hydro but these type of probs scare the hell out of me. I guess I'll stick to dirt for a bit. Hope you get it sorted out and good luck.

  3. Serenity420

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    Thanks :thumbsup:
  4. nippie

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    sorry for clarification..did you switch out the ressy?

    The remaining h2o2 prob ate the micro tea

    depending on how strong the h2o2 was intitially, you may have damaged some good roots along with bad. h2o2 I have found is best used over a couple of weeks when you start noticing a problem. Sterilze everything for sure, but you don't want to try and kill root rot in one day, it usually doesn't work that way.

    the slime could also be the root from the roots, pix would help
  5. friendlyfarmer

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    I would flush. I don't know anything about running tea in hydro. I used the useless formula to great effect. when I ran RDWC

    from that I know h2o2 is powerful stuff. its not at all god for your plants in high doses.

    pics would help
  6. CCrete

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    itsa never ending battle, that's why I switched to Tables

    I ran 4 RDWC systems and slime set in one at a time and I could never get it back to normal, good luck

    id scrap it and figure out what to do next
  7. Serenity420

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    Thanks guys...

    Just to clarify I dismentaled my system and scrubed it down rinsed and dried all containers and hoses and fitting and inline pump.. I seperatly whilst the system was dismentalled took the net pot air hose and airstone and cleaned them and I dippiped the net pot and roots into a high concentrate of h202. Then rinsed ... then I put everything back and let them sit in plain water for 24hrs..

    Then treated with tea and nutes.. then it came back.

    P.s. there a very suportive forum on microbial tea used in non-organic dwc and hydro systems. Heres the link ... its pretty astonashing for if it lives up to its rep then I will be pissed I haven't ran this from begining ... fuck sterilization agents it kills the good microbes too...

    Anyways here's the link


    Check it out well worth the read especially for those who use useless gh 3 part

    Like I do myself. And all res conditions are perfect!
  8. Serenity420

    Serenity420 Begun Flowering

    But when I say it came back...I'm not sure for it does mention that upon initial treatment that it may form a dark slime.... so I was more or less curious to anyone who might also use beneficial microbes in a non organic hydro system... and see if they have battle the cruel villan (cyanobacteria) also the link I gave isn't the first page of article... here's the proper one below

  9. Serenity420

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    A little upsate for anyone who's curious ,

    Its now been about 48 hrs since inoculation of benefial microbes into my non organic dwc system and it seems to be going great... I check today and to my surprize despite the initial dark slime that formed on the bottom of the roots... I see a ton of vigorius root growth with nice fuzzy white tips... even coming out of the slime! Its appearent that the bennies are doingas advertized and it seems as though the brown slime has been beaten and I'm on the path to recovery becuase if pythium was still present in the slime then the plantwould not be growing healthy new white fuzzy roots that are even growing off of roots that I thought were dead!

    So far I'm very optimistic and confident in there recovery using bennies the way mother nature intended

    I highly reccomend any one with root dicease or any root issues to refer to using microbial teas it is the beat and happens to also be the cheapiest way to treat and promote healthy growth to thw root system!!!!!!!!! If your not doing this with your dwc you need to be!!! Lwt me know if any one has any questions I've done a lot of extensive research on this!
  10. Serenity420

    Serenity420 Begun Flowering

    Quick update..

    Day three of treatment..

    There is still globs of "after slime" but healthy roots are poking through and there is a nice foamy biofilm..

    Roots appear to be growing well healthy white roots are emerging everywhere and plants arepwrking up more and more.. seems as though on some of them that were stunted are starting to grow again... so far this tea seems to work miracles.. I battles this slime with every sterilzation under the sun and a ton of waisted money! So happy I found an awesome solution to keeping my root zone healthy and vibrant.

    About to give another dose of a fresh batch I just brewed.. res change on friday..

    If your using sterilzation over bennies uou may want to reconsider there is a lot of benefits with the tea.

    1. You can allow for rea temps to be mid 70s no problem peehaps up to 80

    2. Increases growth rate ( with sterilization products like h202 and physan etc..your killing the good bacteria with the bad)

    3. Don't have to worry about root rot or slime developing Into pythium and stopping root production.

    4. Way way more cost effective..

    Any ways those are just some of the benefits I will continue to poat updatea to let u know how she goes
  11. BongRippa

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    Good news...glad you turned it around.:thumbs-up:
  12. Serenity420

    Serenity420 Begun Flowering

    Thanks bong much appreciated brotherly love mang...lol

    I just went in to check them again from this morning and in a matter of 5 hrs I see almost double the root growth that was there this morning ... this shit worka fantastic

    I'm so excites to back on track as I already lost the last crop to the brown villian trying to fix with sterilizing agents .... gonna have some beautiful strawberry diesel and nevilles haze!

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