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Discussion in 'Hash and Oil' started by DXE, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. DXE

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    Made an awesome block of nice White Rhino bubble hash - dried it for a week as I ususally do and gave it to the wife who snapped it into a closed where it promptly mildewed....

    Seeing this is a processed product - is there anything that can be done with possibly a peroxide solution??

    I really hate to feed it to the deer.......
  2. Discorilla

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    I've heard there are some ways to salvage it once it has gotten to this point.

    1) QWISO/BHO run with the product.

    2) Freeze it and run it with another batch of hash where the water has H202 in it.

    3) Alcohol Tincture with Everclear.

    I've had it happen in the past, and I ended up doing a run of QWISO to kill everything.
  3. nippie

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    Butane or high proof alcohol. Maybe qwiso
  4. ResinRubber

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    Had that happen before, sucks.

    Using the mildewed hash for cooking was my solution. The other alternative is to do an Iso wash (like the guys have said) and run through a paper filter. Might still get some discoloration, but the end product will be safe for consumption.
  5. Justcheckingitout

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    Had a friend who use to say in a hindu voice..."Smoke the mold". :icon_confused:

    Just courious, how big was the block of hash and was is moldy bad?
  6. DXE

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    ten grams and had that sweet moldy smell - cleaned the outside of the pancakes but still has smell
  7. skunky

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    Another possible option. Tea bags and a hair straightener. No bull shit. Lowest setting. pack in with a good surface area for the iron. So thin packet of hash in a tea bag. Press for about 5 seconds with as much pressure as you can provide between parchment paper until you start to hear sizzling. Pull up. Scrape up. Nice clean dabs. Repeat a couple times, 2-3.

    You do know with bubble hash there's a lot to do with temperatures right and humidity? Should go directly into something like a wine cooler after being collected and pressed to releave excess moisture. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER just scrape and store bubble at room temperature. Fucking garbage hash. Like better looking but shitty like soaked qwiso/qwet. Except too much contaminants are not the issue. It is temps, humidity, and oxidation.
  8. DXE

    DXE Moderator

    Lol took care of the problem with a little butane

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