My Bag Weed Seeds

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by fubar, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. fubar

    fubar south bound soon

    check this out. She got burnt a little 2 days ago by a cfl,:icon_confused: but its about four weeks in flower and i know for not as much light as most GKer's:5headache: i like what i see. never have i really appreciated what transformation this plant takes. i could actually pet the calayx if i wanted to (but i wouldnt do that)sorry i cant seem to get the file size small enough for thumbnails:confused:




    my first grow and all, not much time really left. got clones already from 2 of the three females.cant wait to really do it again from the begining and see what happens in a few months . let me know what ya think GK i've found alot of info and insight.
  2. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    Looking good! Bag seed is always a good place to start! Good luck! :smoke2:
  3. Jake

    Jake A Fat Sticky Bud

    LOL, man/plant love. The new addiction!
  4. DaBurner420

    DaBurner420 This Line For Rent.

    bag seed from shitty green could turn out to be some bomb, looks good :ebert:
  5. choker

    choker HIDING OUT

    The strongest plant i have grown was from a bag. I know it was afgan because the leaves were just huge. Like 6 inches across.
  6. allsmilez

    allsmilez snow bunny

    Join the club!

    Totally! :love4: I "pet" mine, and tell them how beautiful they :)

    They look good! Nice Calyxes....:laughing5: ! MMMMmmmm.... :)
  7. fubar

    fubar south bound soon

    Update on my Bag Weed Seeds

    well 5 weeks flowering and now i present the ladies.


    one smells like lemon drop candy. i've read of some lemon smelling strains but this smell is exactly like lemon drop candies. her trichromes have a thick milky look and i'm thinking of taking her soon. the other two just stink:) a good skunky stink that is . check them out what do ya think GK


  8. hygrade

    hygrade _________________________

    nice bro,can't wait to sample the goods
  9. Jake

    Jake A Fat Sticky Bud

    5 weeks and you want to harvest? Them buds haven't even fattened up yet they're all leaves. Keep your shirt on and be patient no sense yanking them this early.
  10. juniorman8

    juniorman8 Say it with me... Ahhhhhh

    Looking good... but I'd wait.

    Give her some more time to fatten up the buds. You're almost there, just a bit longer. Looks like you'll get some good smoke.:smokin:
  11. allsmilez

    allsmilez snow bunny


    Look at those trichs....:love4: I just want to eat them!:smokin: Or something.....:smokin: Looks good! :)
  12. fubar

    fubar south bound soon

    i think i'll hold off i i i ......just cant stand it but ,since i have come this far, i can wait
  13. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    She looks good but let her fatten up.-Bud

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