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Discussion in 'Organic Cultivation' started by budblower10, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. budblower10

    budblower10 Veggy Stage

    this is probably a dumb question so i just need some confirmation, its ok to use pond or river water correct? of course the obvious answer is yes b/c its naturally there lol, but i have always used tap water but since im growing around a pond and/or river this year, it would be easier to mix the nutrients there...what do ya think? theres no negative side of using natural water,right or wrong?
  2. choker

    choker HIDING OUT

    Shit............. I would think that it would be better than tap water. The ph maybe a factor.
  3. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Well I'm sure it will do.

    I've seen what a clean river's water can do. Nice growth.

    What I figure is the benefit are microbes, minerals and H2O.

    I add minerals now to my soil and I feel minerals are a good thing to add.
  4. HillbillyHemp

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    The microbes in natural water are great for plants as Randy said.

    Take a tester and test the ph. It will probably be fine. Sometimes the steams and ponds around here have low alkalinity but have a high iron content. It's usually pretty evident from the clearness though. Wish i had a source at mt grow spot. I have to lug distilled water. :BangHead:
  5. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Oh for sure Nature has it dialed in.

    I read it is suggested to add an air stone and air pump to standing liquids.

    I read it boosts the good guys and keeps the bad microbes at a minimum.
  6. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Hey Choker..

    Yeah best to check on it...

    I wish I could go and grow in the woods. Kick back at the camp site and water with clean mountain runoff.

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