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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by onlyjoeking, May 1, 2006.

  1. onlyjoeking

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    my problem is i have growen 4 crops and none r worthy of talkin about, i do try every time 2 better my crop but like many others budget is a problem, i know the basis of growing but really want 2 learn 2 fine tune it, could some 1 who uses skype please contact me my skype name is onlyjoeking please pass your knowledge on and maybe some day i will b good enough 2 pass information on. :( im using a home made 4 pot flood and drain system i have 2 250 lights i have 2 tubular heaters up each side of the room which is about six foot by eight foot i used a ph meter the feed i used was advanced nuitrients grow micro and bloom also used bud boost the only thing i never used is good ventilation does ventilation help produces thc is this y my plants dont smell so good or taste good they are also a dark green colour please help me
  2. rtyree

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    Hydro or soil?
  3. Mutt

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    Good ventillation is as important as water, PH any of those things. You want to keep your eye on humidity and temperature. You also want fresh air curiculating in the area. exhaust the old stale air and replace with good fresh air. You also want a breeze blowing over the plants. this promotes a healthy stem. The breeze creates microscopic tears in the stem wich make the plant repair and make the stem stronger and thicker. thick strong stem=bid nice buds. Also without good ventilation you risk mold.

    You have all the other requirements it looks like just ventillation. Is you weakest link in gettin a good yeild.
  4. highallday69

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    if your plants are turning a dark green it could be a result of over nutes. Lets see a pic, if u need more help.
  5. onlyjoeking

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    thanks for reply highallday 69 and mutt

    will try carbon filter and fan, and i dont know how 2 post pics :D im as new 2 forums as i am 2 growing but would like 2 improve with both so please reply,
  6. HighGuy™

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    if u scroll down when posting a reply, u'll see a button that says "manage attachments" Use that, it's really ez.
  7. onlyjoeking

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    hope these pics came up

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