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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by mr.anonymous, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. mr.anonymous

    mr.anonymous What to grow next is hard

    Well,all this talk about fire in these last couple post got me thinking:icon_confused: I was running a DIY light fixture.Four 2 lamp 4 footers.That was my fire safety depending on 32$ worth of flows. Then 1 gave a shit on me and then i started thinking the worst,what if this,what if that.FUCK IT, they had to come down.My wife gave me a 200 doller limit and said when tax return gets here i can up grade(like she has a say LOL) So here are some pic of what they looked like 2 days ago when they went under the 250 MH with the max-wing from HTG.They just came out of solo cups on Dec.23 not bad for just flows inthat little time.YES,THANKS TO YOU GUYS!



  2. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    Nice :thumbsup:
  3. mr.anonymous

    mr.anonymous What to grow next is hard

    Thanks, NEVER grew a fucking thing till i came here.First time on every thing you will see.This should be an example to listen to what people say on here,and dont ask,but not listen.I asked AND ALWAYS listened even if I did think you giuys were nuts:scream: :scream: :eusa_shifty:
  4. NeonLights

    NeonLights Excommunicated

    Looking great. Glad to see the work paying of, and I know you are to.

    My question to you is, if the wife said you could spend $200 then why did you only get a 250w MH??? They have a 400w digi for $189. Oh well that just what I would have done. No wait.....I would have told her im getting the 1000w and she can figure out how to pay for it later.....LMAO.....(as she smacks me in the face.)

  5. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Good lookin flouro grow....actually....GREAT looking flouro grow. Congrats on the new lights. Good choice BTW, like they say "Happy wife = a happy life".

  6. nuggnester

    nuggnester Pot & Poker Enthusiast

    I second whjat he said

    yeah/...if you got that much bushiness with flouros I think you are well on your way/
  7. mr.anonymous

    mr.anonymous What to grow next is hard

    Neon,i was high when i bought it.Kicked my self in the ass when the box came with a boolklet that said i could have got the 400 for 2$ and some odd sence more!Owe well,it just has to last a couple weeks till old Uncle Sam comes and my kids pay off there 1 time a year.(LOL) P.S.(IM PRAC. 4 THE HAZE:icon_confused: :5headache: )

    Yea ResinRubber,my friends call me pussy wipped i call it "makeing her happy so she stays out my den and leaves my the fuck alone" I bought here Tivo and a big ass case of Biltmore Estates(that hotel in south Car.) wine for x-mas i'm good for a while.LOL

    Thanks Nugg,yea all flows.
  8. justmaintaing

    justmaintaing Thread Killer........

    Very lush looking. Floros aren't that horrible for vegging. But they sure don't compare to the hps in flower. Can't wait to see what those youngens look like in a few months. We all have to kiss the wife's for some space; some just don't want to admit to it.
  9. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Look very nice and healthy!!! Hope you log this one for us.
  10. mr.anonymous

    mr.anonymous What to grow next is hard

    Thats the truth! But i'll put some new pick up tom. after 1 week under the MH what a BIG diff then the flows.Just lazy tonight just got out of my night classes.

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