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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sublime0420x, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. sublime0420x

    sublime0420x Germinated

    hey everyone, hows it goin!? I'm a new member here so i figured i'd introduce myself to y'all. I'm a big lover of cannabis (just like the rest of you, im sure!), so this past summer i decided to grow my own! I'll post my garden setup on the forums tonight and i hope to hear from you all!:punk:
  2. marymaryquitecntrary

    marymaryquitecntrary Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    welcome, my friend! :wave:

    uh, don't count on hearing from everyone on here. some people just lurk. :D
  3. Mrgreengenes

    Mrgreengenes Administrator

    welcome to the forum. :) yes, some people do just lurk around here.

    If you need any help let me know and if I don't know the answer someone will around here. Later:punk:
  4. wawona

    wawona The Trichome Connoisseur

    welcome to growkind. Lots of good folks here and definately some people you will have to ignore.

    i hope you find this place as useful as many have, myself included.

    take your shoes off and make yourself at home.
  5. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni


    It's always fun to see what others are up to.

    Lot's a great posts and info here.
  6. trillions of atoms

    trillions of atoms Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    :laughing5: uh, don't count on hearing from everyone on here. some people just lurk.

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnng?

    hey bro! welcome to GK.... as the other said...if u need any help- feel free to ask :D

    and u can take off yer shoes as long as they dont stink to bad ;)
  7. sublime0420x

    sublime0420x Germinated

    Thanks a ton for the warm welcome! I'm at a buddies' house at the moment and i haven't checked the forums since i posted and wow! I'll be definitely posting tonight my setup and where things are headed. (i would now if i had access to the pictures because you HAVE to have pictures! lol it just makes the whole topic much more clear. Until next time, keep 'em green!:laughing5:
  8. Mermaid

    Mermaid ~Sea Of Green~

    Welcome to GK :wave:

    Peace~Jersey :animbong:
  9. Mr.Dope

    Mr.Dope Master Grower Of The Kind

    Hey man welcome to GrowKind. I might be one of the lurkers:rolleyes2:
  10. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

  11. O"l Mc.Don.

    O"l Mc.Don. Germinated

    G'Day Sublime,

    I'll see ya about, unless you start lurking....... Anyway good growing.

    :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk: :punk:

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