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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tncrew, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. tncrew

    tncrew Germinated

    Hey everybody,
    Just wanted to start of by saying this looks like a cool place to be and get info. This will be my first real attemp on growing. I tried it back in 2003 with two plants with the hydro system and they were growing beautiful but do to lack of space, I was doing it in my room and my son came in and broke the plants. So I said to myself I will wait till I have a better space to try again. :love4: So I have the chance now and I hope to perfect it in the years to come. I like this site cause there is alot of useful information. And I can see everybody is helpful as well. I hope when the time comes I will can count on you guys for help, Thanks:happy3:
  2. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    Welcome to Growkind tncrew!!!

    I hope you enjoy your stay! :)

  3. tncrew

    tncrew Germinated

    Thank you! So how long have you been doing this if I may ask??
  4. plastik

    plastik Tomato Farmer

    advice: read all the FAQ's you can and try to remember them. it will help you out in the long run..and up your chances for a first time success.
  5. tncrew

    tncrew Germinated

    thanks, yeah I got alot of good and helpful info from there, so I should be start this weekend, wish me luck:eek:ccasion1:
  6. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Another 'apprentice' :biggrin:

    Welcome to the jungle my man. :punk:
  7. plastik

    plastik Tomato Farmer

    ...we've got fun and games ;P
  8. HillbillyHemp

    HillbillyHemp Higher than Camel Pussy

    Welcome and Good Luck tncrew!

    I hope you have many "fruitful" years of growing!

  9. marymaryquitecntrary

    marymaryquitecntrary Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    welcome, tncrew! you've started out on the right foot, and we appreciate that. :)

    are you going to stay with hydro this time? :ponder:

    i've been growing hydro since i found GK ... 5 yrs now, with 1 yr off to "grow up". :laughing7:

    ha! didn't work for me! :D

    glad you can join us! :wave:
  10. trillions of atoms

    trillions of atoms Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    welcome welcome welcomeeeeeee~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hope you can take off yer shoes and stay awhile- as long as they dont stink to bad ;)

    lol have fun with yer new setup!! i will be sending postivive vibes to you and yer babies!!!!

    what strains ya gunna grow>>??? what type of setup?? any help just ask!!

    peas n carrots-:eusa_shifty:

  11. wawona

    wawona The Trichome Connoisseur

    hey tnc

    welcome to growkind. :XXhippylove:

    :toothy4: LOTS of folks grow great bud solely because of this place. :punk:

    i hope the same is true for you. :potleaf:
  12. Mermaid

    Mermaid ~Sea Of Green~

    Welcome to GK

    Welcome to GK :wave:

    Hope you kick back and stay awhile!! :D :animbong:

    Peace~Jersey :animbong:
  13. starzandskarz27

    starzandskarz27 Established Healthy Roots

    welcome to GK! so what strains are you going to start with? glad to hear your not giving up after yor son tried to raid your crop lol! well good luck c ya around on here
  14. tncrew

    tncrew Germinated

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, I feel the love:love4:

    So sorry what do you guys mean by strain??

    So what I got to work with is a whole room, but for now I'm just going to use a corner of the room that has 3 little walls in the corner with a window and I will be blocking it off with a white bathroom curtin and I have 2- 150watts :sign13: that say are for plants. I was thinking of using soil and germ. the seeds in a paper towel. Then putting them in the cups thenin to pots. What soil is best?? and where can I get bat guano?? Thanks guys!
  15. tncrew

    tncrew Germinated

  16. marymaryquitecntrary

    marymaryquitecntrary Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    we're just still in shock from your question, "what do you mean by strain?" :)

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    when i first came here i knew what the term 'strain' meant. but had no idea that mj had so many. it really didn't suprise but until i started reading deeper the only ones i'd heard of was indica and sativa and i've been smoking for 30+ years.

    genetics is not something we beginers fully understand or are really worried about at this point. just getting the most out of the seed we have is our goal right now. but do hope to get into the refined aspect after a few grows. we're still just learning.

  18. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    The 'strain' would be 'bag seed' me thinks. :wink:

    Use either 'Black Gold' soil or Fox Farm's 'Ocean Forest' soil. Either or. Where to find guano is at the local nursery. If they don't have it I'm sure they can order it for you or point you in the right direction to pick it up locally. If that still for online distributors.

    The growspace sounds good, but it's not going to be light proof. You can have ZERO light in the grow during flowering with lights off. Otherwise the plants won't flower.

    Say what? That tells us nothing I'm afraid.
  19. trillions of atoms

    trillions of atoms Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    im pretty sure he means the blue bulbs, which are incandecent-

    worthless for growing fine cannibis...

    ditch that light and buy a 250W or 400 watt hid high pressure sodium lighting system. go to - get the econo for 100 bux....
  20. tncrew

    tncrew Germinated

    Thanks for the info! yes it is the blue blub kind, can I use it to start them off for the 2-3 weeks??

    So should I cover the window black trash bag and then use myler?? I also wanted to put like alittle fan for exhaust and fresh air.

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