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Discussion in 'Advanced Cultivation' started by allsmilez, Sep 17, 2007.

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    I do alot of vegetable gardening (seriously) and the big thing this year was growing two tomato plants in one five gallon bucket by boring a hole in the bottom of the bucket for one plant to grow upside down (it uprights itself) and the other planted in the top, and then the whole shabang is suspended, like a hanging planter, just heavier and uglier. It worked really well for tomatoes, but the bucket would need to be bigger for big qty. Does it sound like magical thinking to anyone else? I don't do hydro or anything, so it's probably already being done in some sort of way there,huh?
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    hanging tomatoes

    Allsmilez, I too have grown tomatoes in an inverse "basket" with good yields. As far as cannabis is concerned, I have only thought about doing it, never attempted it. The concept is pretty much the same as LSTing your plant though. Try it, document it, show us! Hang another the "correct" way, that way you'll have a control and something to base your observations from. Do take pictures...and share!


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    new way to grow

    Thanks! I think I will! I don't do anything fancy, just stick one in the garden here or there(or everywhere-lol). Always had good results.Just wondered aloud if anything like that had been done b4. I don't know much about hydro or big qty. I'm mainly just what you would call a 'hobbyist'. I like to try different stuff and see what happens. All this new fangled stuff makes me feel aged and confused! I'll try it and see!
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    LST.. i have heard much about this.. found little about it.. lots of people have tld me i need to do this with my plant.. i dont know exactly what it is.. but im assuming you do Seeking Utopia... can you point me in the right direction??

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    L ow

    S tress

    T raining

    Also known aroundthis place as the 'JOG' method. Do a 'search' and all sorts of info comes up on the topic. :punk:
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