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    hello to all that take the time to read and send knowledge, i am new and having a great time, i have 2 waterfarms. here are my ponderismes 1. how do you keep them short 2. the roots are resting in the nutrients , is this ok 3.can you screw up a plant by bringing it inside using light then switching it to outside.4 is it ok to use a net over plants to keep them short . cannot wait for all of you to help me thanks so much.
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    :roulette:wow george cervante has a book or to that i have read called the medical grow bible then i made mistakes & learned from them by more reading then i got turend on to :GK: & went to FAQ & SURFED THE WHOLE SITE now i'm soooo much:fly: happier
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    To contain your height try super-cropping, LST or topping. For info on those just read the FAQ. Don't bother putting a net over top, unless it's a screen for SCROG (also read the FAQ). It's alright to bring plants from inside to outside or other way around. You just have to worry about bugs when brining them inside and the light schedule has to be right outside to do what you want to do.
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    :passit: :bongin: YEAH WHAT HE SAID:rofl:
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    thanks for the info, but how about the roots in the nutes:passit:
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    Dude you are growing hydro, that's what it is.... Just got to keep water temps, pH and nutrients in check. Also the Water has to be oxygen rich. Which is another reason water temps are important. As water temps go up there is more energy in the water that is passed off to the already high energy oxygen gas(gases have a lot more energy than liquids or solids), this causes the oxygen to evolve(evaporate). You can never dissolve as much gas , like oxygen, in a water liquid as you can in a cooler liquid. It's the opposite for solids, think about tea or coffee. You can dissolve more solid(like sugar in tea, or nutrients in water) in a warmer liquid than you can in a cooler liquid, because of the energy present. Then warmer conditions due to higher evaporation rates causes humidity to rise in the container as well and can become a breeding ground for bacteria, too high of a temp(typically over 72*F in DWC) you can promote the growth of virulent(bad) bacteria that will cause disease/infection in the rootzone. So Water temp is vital. Ideal water temps are ~68*F.

    Pointers for that. First you need good room ventilation, a hot room equals hot water temps. Mix your nutrients and let them set over night before balancing the pH, over the next 10 days you just add water to "topoff" and reach the normal nutrient solution level in the container, if you topoff the resservior with mixed nutrients every time the water drops you will get nute burn and/or pH lockout. Also, when mixing the nutes start lower than the instructions state(1/4-1/2 strength) and working up to the recommended dosage(it is possible to have a low feeding strain that doesn't ever get to the recommended strength), doing this prevents you from burning the plants. Because right now you probably don't know how much nutrients they like.

    Keeping the plant short needs sufficient lighting and depending on if you are using CFLs, fluros like T12/T8/T5, or HID(MH/HPS). HID lights are very intense and don't need to be placed very close to the tops, depending on the size light you are using depends on how cloes you can get. Pretty much any fluro or CFL bulb can be within inches of the plants without causing harm. LST (low stress training) and SC(supercropping). you don't use a net unless you are doing a SOG and need support because you are growing a top heavy large cola forming strain, or you are running a SCROG(Screen of green) to spread the plant out more like LST while at the same time offering some support for when buds are getting heavy.

    Anything you could want to know is available here and other forums, tons of good stuff to read and I highly suggest you read the FAQs and even look up others growing with waterfarms.
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    more knowledge

    skunky, you stink skunky, that was very informative, i have been keeping a black netting the type you get at a garden store to keep it from bushing out so much , am i damaging it in any way. being careful with wondering eyes, did not know she was to get so tall and bushie, will try lst next time around, thanks again skunky for the time and all my new friends thanks:thumbsup:

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