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  1. SpecialEd420

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    Hi there all my pot smoking/growing friends, im new to the grow scene. I mean i was doing it when i was 15 in my grandparents closet. Anyway my grow set up , im growing in a 4x4 room , im using a 400W Mh light for veg. and then a 400Whps light for flowering, im using all organic soil (fox farms) and going to be growing in big 10 gallon pots to aviod transplanting.the room is covered in mylar. and have 3 intake and e exhaust fans, that are hooked up to a charcoal filter. The seeds i will be using are J1 which i already have from a club in california and i think im going to go with grapefruit that is feminized. but am having a problem trying to figure out how to get them shipped to the us.. will any site ship them even though they dont say they will?? thanks

  2. Randy High

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    Welcome eddie

    Sounds like you have the skills.

    Don't know about seed shipping. I have some I bred several years ago.
  3. wawona

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    welcome to growkind....

    most will ship to usa. call and ask 'em if you aren't sure.

    may i ask why you are using such big pots?? personally i don't transplant and i use 2 1/3 gallon pots. i use the same soil and it's not cheap. seems like a lot of wasted soil and $$$. i also use the fox farm trio of nutrients.

    good luck
  4. El Campesino

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    I think most places do ship to the US.

    On your setup.....if you have 4X4 and are planning to grow in 10 gallon pots.....use both of those 400 reason to piss around.

    Also, I know you didn't ask, so please don't get pissed....just there are better ways of doing what you plan...

    first, planting straight into a huge pot to avoid transplanting is not the best thing to do....I transplant about 4 or 5 times gradually stepping up in size...this not only optimizes your use of lighting, but keeps your roots in a ball....when you go straight to a large pot, the roots tend to wrap around the pot and will not make full use of the space.

    also, there is no way that a 400 watter is going to support the size a plant can achieve in a 10 gallon container....5 gallon buckets are a better option...better yet, kitty litter buckets because they're square and fit together without wasting space.

    I use 3 gallon grow bags because they only have a 12 inch footprint allowing me 12 plants easily under 2 400's
  5. Administrator

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    Welcome Eddie :wave:

    Exactly what I used to use i the past. They work great with some drainage holes drilled into the bottm.
  6. SpecialEd420

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    No i wont get mad at any opnions that any of you guys have on my grow room,Im the newbie,you guys know wtf your talking about, and have tried and true methods that have worked. now if we were talking about cars, different story i could tell you anything about em. I dont think i can use both lights at the same time due to the amount of electricity that would be comsumed. so is a 5 gallon pot as big as i should use then??? would it be that bad if i just kept it in a 5 gallon pot for the whole time?
  7. wawona

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    5 gallons is overkill for an indoor plant in my opinion. that's using a lot of soil. you can grow a plant nice and healthy using 2 or 3 gallon pots. If you wanna use the 5 gallon that's fine, but just take note of how much unused soil is in there when you are finished. if there is a lot of unused soil you might wanna use smaller pots.

    you can go right to the big pot. lots if folks will say you need to transplant several times, but i have found that it works just fine.
  8. SpecialEd420

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    Thanks for the info. if anyone has anything else to say fell free to Im open to any suggestions..... See i was thinking that if i used the fox farms soil that i wouldnt really have to worry about the plant sucking all the nutrients dry. I will be using nutrients from fox farm also but im thinking mostly the blooming . am i right in thinking this?
  9. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    you might

    be able to get through an entire grow with only the soil in 10 gallon pots...BUT, as wawona said....2 to 3 gallon pots are a better option and you should plan to feed all the way through>>>I veg for up to 60 days and get by fine with 3 gallon grow bags....have used 5 gallon buckets in the past because that is what was recommended to me....but, as already stated...there was a lot of unused soil and space in there....I say 3 gallon minimum with 400's since you can effectively finish your plants at 3 ft height...since you can only run one of those 400's at a time....I suggest you consider a SCROG
  10. SpecialEd420

    SpecialEd420 Full Flowering

    and scrog is?

    I really havent looked to much into scrog and in searching in here i really havent found a clear definition of what scrog is? im down for anything that will help me grow and yeild the best buds possible.
  11. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    Screen Of Green

    You place a chickenwire frame over the top of your plants and work the tips in as they grow to keep everything nice and level maximizing light received to all budding tips.

    This is the only growing method that I have personally seen a true increase in yield from
  12. HillbillyHemp

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    Welcome to GK Bud!

    Chicken wire or a trellis system.

    A trellis has been proven to increase yield in many studies I have read in HT. No only does it seperate limbs to allow efficient light distrubution, but also gives weight support to limbs allowing buds to get fatter.

    In beginning years of growing outside I used them. I had to quit because it made them much more visible to helicopters and thieves. That doens't come into play in a closet, LOL.

    Good Luck!
  13. Mermaid

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    Welcome to GK :wave:

    Peace~Jersey :animbong:

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