no liquids?!?

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by sayuhmwhat4787, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. sayuhmwhat4787

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    (if this should be in politics, please move it)

    So, I am sure everyone has heard about todays events.

    Direct quote from yahoo! news said:

    "U.S. authorities banned the carrying of liquids onto flights after the arrest of 24 people in an alleged plot to blow up U.S.-bound planes using explosives disguised as drinks and other common products."

    There were reports of throwing out such things as fine wine, and fine perfumes, such as chanel no. 5, some of these things are NOT cheap, and I would prolly have been very pissed. granted, in some airports, they actually payed postage for people to send their items home.

    my main concern is, just because these 24 people tried to blow up a plane with mountian dew, how do you know I don't have a bomb in my cheese nips?? and they are gonna be so concerned with my gator-ade they won't even notice my cheese nips. like someone said in the customs post, they put weed in a deoderent stick, so how do you know my bomb isn't underneath the cheese nips that I'm eating...

    A close friend of the family was in the hospital when this happened, and her son is one of the high ranking people that work for the government, dealing with national security. my grandmother has a hard time explaining this stuff to me, but yea, anyways, he was by her side in the hospital and when he get the call about it, he jumped up and ran off without saying a word.

    I dunno, they say you can't be overly cautious, but it seems like they are sometimes. if you are soooo concerned about one thing, something else might be right under your nose, and you may never notice it.

    whatever they did to catch the people to begin with, is what they need to keep doing, but soon, people arn't even gonna wanna ride airplanes.... mmmk, I'm just rambling on now, so I'll stop.
  2. GeoKitty

    GeoKitty Guest

    I'm sure everyone's local news show had a reporter on site at the airport to get the reactions of people flying today......our's sure did!! With questions like:

    "How upset are you by increased security checks, the delays and/or loss of your personal affects?!"

    There is always such an emphasis on the commercial passenger....

    When the real questions should be: Is your local airport performing a tight enough security check on the airport personel that it hires!

    What else is there??
  3. sayuhmwhat4787

    sayuhmwhat4787 Veggy Stage

    my local newsman wasn't on the seen, unfortunatly, his plane was delayed :p
  4. GeoKitty

    GeoKitty Guest

    Laughed my ass off!!
  5. Mermaid

    Mermaid ~Sea Of Green~

    Wow I did not even see the news today since I worked all day and then picked up my "lil nephew" on the way home to spend the nite. Was so busy I did not even get to see the news tonight. Where did this happen??

    Funny is my mum and brother flew out this morning to Cali and we have not heard frm them yet....they were to call to let us know they landed safely. Hope they weren't on that flight...haha I just figured they had delays or something. I will have to check out the news later on and read up on this latest event. ;)

  6. sayuhmwhat4787

    sayuhmwhat4787 Veggy Stage

    don't worry

    JG I'm sure that they are fine, I believe the flight in question was coming from britian to the united states. they said the passengers on the flight wern't even that disturbed. yahoo! news had lots of updates on it all day
  7. Mermaid

    Mermaid ~Sea Of Green~

    Thanks! :)

    Yah I just read about it ....crzy indeed! Still No word frm my mum but I am sure they are fine...maybe they didn't call if they got in that late due to the time difference. I am sure I will hear frm them in the morn. No news is good news eh? ;)

  8. wawona

    wawona The Trichome Connoisseur

    well, for the completely misinformed.

    the reason that no liquids are being allowed is because there was a particular threat about liquid explosives. a group of terrorists was planning on using liquid explosives to bring down as many as 9 planes that were flying from the UK to the USA.

    the reason they are not concerned about your cheese nips is because they didn't arrest 24 people that were planning to use cheese nips. they are looking for liquids because they KNOW that these terrorisits were gonna use liquid explosives.

    it wasn't simply one particular flight. they have been tracking these individuals for 8 months.

    supposedly the plan was within days of being carried out.

  9. bubblegump

    bubblegump Latae Sententiae Excommunication

  10. fishman

    fishman Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    I agree that precautions should be taken but the threat was not here it was in the UK. I know that if something happened here and the goverment did nothin they would be up shit creek with the people.

    i just feel like the response was overdone. They make you throw away liquids now but I heard this isn't something that they'll carry on. The attacks weren't planned for yesterday they were planned for some near future date. what about in a week when they stop banning liquids?

    Shit it was on for 24 hours. It's funny how the media jumps to whatever gets them ratings. We're bored of Iraq so lets spend all of our time in Lebanon.

    Congrats to the UK though. They foiled a real terrorist plot. Almost makes me reconsider my opinion on the nsa spying. I said almost.
  11. sayuhmwhat4787

    sayuhmwhat4787 Veggy Stage

    Wa... I understand completly, don't get me wrong, I know how to make plenty of explosives myself, but beings that these people got caught, I don't find it likely for someone else to try to bring the planes down in the same fashion (with liquid explosives) unless they are a LOT dumber than they seem. and if they are smart, and trained in bomb making 101, then that is exactly what they would do, replace liquid explosives with something else... IMO you NEVER know what they are really up to, shit, this could have been a distraction for just such a thing. lol, let's hope not tho. although you did fill me in on some other info, I was wondering how they caught them, cause on yahoo! it doesn't get into detail about how they found out what was going on.

    and yea, things were allowed in your non carry on luggage, but what I READ (again, I wasn't there, I don't really know) said that people had already checked in their baggage, and it was bound for the plane, when they were told they couldn't have liquids or gels, their other luggage was already gone, so they had no choice but to throw it out or give it away, but like I said, some airports provided boxes, and paid postage to get your liquids home, I'd just hope I was on one of those flights.

    all in all, I do have to say, overly cautious or not, they are getting the job done, thats the main concern here. I would much rather the bitch that can actually afford her chanel no. 5 to throw it out, than to find out a realitive of mine went down in a flaming airplane because of some asshole with a diet coke bomb.
  12. plastik

    plastik Tomato Farmer


    hell if the terrorists were really serious, they would have their men undergo surgery to have a bomb planted within them. anything can be a bomb no matter how small, and all it takes is a single large hole in any part of the plane to cause serious problems. chewing gum explosives too! people hide drugs up their ass, how you know there isn't a bomb up there too? lol, I know right after 9/11, I was on a greyhound bus, and these middle eastern or indian people got on the bus, with their turbins or whatever, and EVERYONE was eyeballing them the whole trip. kinda made me wonder though, since that turbin probably could hold a nice sized bomb :)
  13. Dopeboii420

    Dopeboii420 Veggy Stage

    hahahahaha I have the same feelings when I see a crowd of them in a local outlet mall. I see them everywhere but ya know whats really scary? When ya see them with there turbins and theyre ninja looking wives...and the guys is wearing a "I heart the USA" shirt...thats some scary shit haha and sooner or later they will start shoving bombs up their asses or swallow them or someshit... :p

  14. GeoKitty

    GeoKitty Guest

    So, as I was watching the Today Show this am, covering the increased security checks, the terrorist threat, etc....they had on two 'experts' on the subjects, who's basic points were:

    The 'well covered in the news' increased security checks on carry-on luggage were "visually stimulating and meant to be a comfort to the nation".....but, they were in fact...well, basically redundant, since there was a recent memo handed down from the TSA* "allowing UN-CHECKED flights from southern Florida to Atlanta to fly on ahead un-cleared, as long as those planes were not allowed into the main terminal"

    Well, what's the difference what terminal they go into, if they're not looking at anyone or scanning any of the checked or unchecked baggage?!

    Uh Oh! Do I smell a Conspiracy Theory??!! ;)

    And they also said: after 9/11, our Govnmt chose to NOT spend money on security devices that would scan and alert if there were any kind of explosives inside of checked and/or carry-on baggage, nor would they spend money on revamping the system of hiring ground crew, nor increased security devices in airports.........

    .......instead, our Govnmt spent money on "Surface to Air Defense Missiles and Devices"....because they thought the greater threat of attack on commercial airliners comes from a surface to air attack........not through the airline industry in the obvious need for tighter airport security thru the entire baggage claim system, the ground & flight crew background check/security issues, The TSA* itself and it's 'loopholes' and memos!!

    Just gotta love the way our Government does things!

    * I'm terrible at names and government it the TSA??...the Travel Security Advisory??...or whatever they call themselves!! It could be the CIA, FBI, NBA or the MIB for all I know! :rolleyes:
  15. GeoKitty

    GeoKitty Guest

    Hhmm....You want to know what I think whenever I see an Arab/Middle Eastern/Muslim-type looking person, group, or especially whenever I see a man with his 'covered up from head to toe' wife?

    I do not immediately...if at all...think to myself: "Holy Shit!! A Fucking Terrorist!!"

    No, my mind instead goes to how very oppressed and subjugated the woman must be, compared to women of the Western world. I think it would suck ass to be a woman born to any Middle Eastern country!! Or some African countries as well!! What they do to a woman's privates' in some countries is what I find to be some scary shit!!!!!
  16. wawona

    wawona The Trichome Connoisseur

    as they say in the mob, "somebody turned on 'em". the authorities were alerted to this months ago bu someone on the "inside".

    that's where the best info comes from.
  17. GeoKitty

    GeoKitty Guest

    Yep...somebody gets busted, then for a chance at a lighter sentence, they rat out their cohorts!

    I've been on the receiving end of that game...a couple of times.
  18. Mermaid

    Mermaid ~Sea Of Green~


    I was shocked when I read what they do to their private's ~~>absolutely sick and disgusting!! Even more disturbing it is legal for them to treat them like that as well. :mad:

    We are very fortunate to live here in the U.S. compared to those poor women. mum called and said they had a 2hr delay yesterday at the airport in Phila to leave for Cali. They searched her bag and threw out her skin lotion, shampoo, hair gel and spray, makeup and even a brand new lipstick worth 15 bucks which was still in package and never had been opened. She was NOT happy at all.....she had not packed it in her suitcase since she didn't want it to get all over her clothes as that happens when flying....your suitcases are just tossed around and such.

  19. GeoKitty

    GeoKitty Guest

    Glad they all arrived safely!!

    I saw on the news a lady had to toss her $40 perscription!!
  20. Mermaid

    Mermaid ~Sea Of Green~

    Thanks Geo... :)

    Wow a prescription?? How can they make ppl do that especially if they are diabetic or have some other serious illness and need their meds? That is just ridiculous!! It could also cause more serious consequences for a patient with a medical condition. I can see lawsuits in their future if something was to happen due to the fact they tossed a medication that was vital to the person who had to take it.


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