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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by Magikus, Jan 20, 2008.

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    Hey all I've been growing plants indoors and I need to know do I really need to add nutes and what happens if I don't and my plant is only getting watered will it live. Also if I do need nutes what do you recommend and how much will I need for 1 grow, and when do I add the nutes. One last thing do you know if they sell nutes at Target because I have a gift card there. Well Thanks All
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    Ummm.....can you live on just water? (No.)They need food or they will just yellow up and die. :sick: Target might have houseplant stuff......?:eusa_eh: Not what you'll be needing:icon_confused: ....Shop around at nurseries. greenhouses, garden least, tomato fertilizer will suffice.....Have you read these?

    Might help a little... :)

    (If you use REALLY good(organic) soil, the plant could get a lot of it's nutrients from the soil, so then, adding nutes wouldn't be as big of an issue....)
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    What kind of soil does it have nutes in it. If money is tight Miracle-Gro has some cheap nutes for vegging & flowering like $5 each I use the Bloom Booster for flowering works great.-Bud
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    Hey All

    hey everyone thanks for all the replies. Well I ended up having to goto target since I'm broke and only had the gift card. I bought something called "Terracycle Plant Food All Purpose" it came in a spray bottle and I just got done spraying my plants. Now it says to spray once a week onto soil and leaves until damp. Do I still spray once a week for marijuana to? Has anyone in here used this stuff? Oh yeah I also bought some "Miracle Grow Pour and Feed Plant Food" but I'm going to use "Terracycle Plant Food All Purpose" instead. Unless you guys reccomend using the "Miracle Grow Pour and Feed Plant Food" instead of the "Terracycle Plant Food All Purpose" so lemme know which one of the two you all think is better.

    PS - the "Terracycle Plant Food All Purpose" says unlike chemical fertilizers that can lead to problems such as plant burn it will not burn your plant :)
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    Which one would you use???

    Terracycle - Nitrogen (N) - 0.03% (0.02% water soluble nitrogen)(0.01% Water insoluble Nitrogen

    Available Phosphate (P2O5) - 0.002% (is this to low?)

    Soluble Potash (K2O) - 0.02%

    Miracle Grow - Nitrogen (N) - 0.02% (0.006% Ammoniacal Nitrogen)(0.006% Nitrate Nitrogen)

    Available Phosphate (P2O5) - 0.02%

    Soluble Potash (K2O) - 0.02%
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    In veg?

    They are both pretty much the same, but the Terracycle would probably be safer, lees burn.... :icon_confused: Sounds like it's safer, just from the fact that it's a foliar feed.....Are you flowering or vegging? A little higher N wouldn't hurt for veg, and if you're flowering, you'll need alot more P, more like 2-4-1.....having some blooming ferts on hand will help out when the time comes....Are you able to order online? is a good site... and another...

    Browse and read the different descriptions, there are alot of different combinations to help maximize whatever stage you're in..... :)

    And just a warning on foliar feeding....Try to do it in the morning, or remove them from the lights completely until they're dry....:icon_confused: , or you'll risk burning them when they're wet and under the lights.... :)
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    Are you flowering or vegging? I am vegging

    Are you able to order online? Not at the moment because I've been short on money I have to get a job. Haven't been able to make money because my liscense is suspended until the 24th. Thanks for the tips I'll make sure to feed when lights are off.

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