Obama and your thoughts??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mermaid, Mar 29, 2008.

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    Maybe he should listen to his brother George a little more.


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    Where to start??


    Disillusion can be so deceptive, just like being disenfranchised or disenchanted...it comes with a set of variables.

    I'll try to explain myself:

    I just finished the book Renegade (The Making of a President) by Richard Wolffe...in the last chapter, he was asked by the author who had traveled with the now-president elect throughout his campaign, these questions:

    What if you fail to change politics? Did he inevitably feel he would disappoint his supporters? President Obama's answer, and I quote..."That's too cynical," he said, "If the argument is that money is always going to have some influence in Washington, that politicians will always be more concerned with staying in office and maintaining their status, that men and women are flawed, evil, and sinful creatures, then yes, we haven't achieved heaven on earth. But the country was profoundly different as a consequence of John F. Kennedy. It's fair to say he helped to release the energy, that his presidency helped create the space for a whole generation to reimagine civil rights, to reimagine war, to think about America's relationship to the rest of the world, to start thinking about the role of women in society. I don't think there's any doubt that Ronald Reagan had a profound effect on our economy, on our politics, on our culture. That's what I thought was a pretty self-evident point that got the Clintons stirred up. I thought Bill Clinton brought about genuine change within the Democratic Party. It was a useful corrective to some of the excesses of identity politics and certain liberal dogmas in the way we approached the economy."

    Here's another excerpt:

    In Feb. 2008, not long after the Super Tuesday primaries, he(Barack Obama) explained the concept of "change" by checking off all the ways he wanted to fix the broken political system: to reduce the influence of special interests, increase voter participation, and cut through spin and public relations. But then he explained what he really wanted. "Now, there's another aspect to this, and that's the need to change policies, whether it's fixing our health care system or reversing climate change or making schools work for all children or alleviating poverty. I have never been a good-government type that's interested in change just because it's somehow morally correct. I have a pretty hardheaded view why we have to make our democracy work. We can't bring about these changes without a more engaged citzenry, and a more accountable and transparent government that allows us to sort through our various differences...It leads to better outcomes. It's often viewed incorrectly as pie in the sky, let's hold hands and sing 'Kumbaya,' let's leave alone the messy process of politics. But I'm not sanctimonious about this stuff. There are things that offend me. When I see Tom DeLay operating with complete impunity, or this White House manipulating the facts to advance its agenda, it can make me angry. But mostly this is a matter of how do you get stuff done."

    Mermaid,...suffice to say...and realize with this statement I'm about to make that I'm in no shape manner or form giving President Barack Obama the free hall pass, quite the contrary, my dear, would be the case. I have written the President many times since he took office. I have even recieved mail from him back in response to my Afghanistan stance. He knows I get it. I realize that he also realizes alot more of us than just me, get it. That being said...I believe that he (Barack) inherited a shitstorm of problems to solve. I personally challenge anyone that thinks they could do better, to step forward and identify themselves. Just imagine the choices he is being forced to deal with...it would take coping mechanisms of sheer steel to get through a day in the life of this man. For the life of me, I don't understand how many around me are so quick to judge, while not having nothing but mere morsels of understanding to what the hell is really going on...change, will not come without sacrifice and without the knowledge that you are never going to please everyone. However, I believe that the President's attempt to work across party lines, and to take his time to make the right decisions is a more statesman approach then the last administration could have ever dreamed of...we all know it was more the Cheney/Rove traveling roadshow then it was GWB's prowess of the intellectual tools needed to bring about smart, logical domestic and foreign policy changes...

    So in a nutshell...I believe that if President Barack Obama is given a chance to initiate change, and we as a people get behind him long enough without throwing out all the tits for tats...we might just get something accomplished. Otherwise we as a people will be faced with the same thing we had yesterday, and last week, and last month, and last year, and for as far back as you want to go...divisiveness, and polarization of groups of people who claim to be Americans, but are too busy fretting, whining and argueing to the point of knock-down drag out melees that establish nothing more than ...more of the same...I would think by now...anyone with a brain between the ears would be able to see that we face great perils ahead if we do not come together...it is that simple in my worldview...

    I am not sayin' that I have all the answers, however, I can assure anyone who thinks that adding more troops to Afghanistan would be the game-changer or problem resolver...that they are terribly off target, and the escalation of a quagmire is simply put ludicrous. Using our soldiers as bait, like a worm on a hook is not what these soldiers signed up for. We have a responsibility to let the President know how we feel about decisions that are made in our name...American's name.

    So let us put that in our pipes...and smoke it.

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    If only he were the one calling the shots that may work...doubt it but it could. Sadly...he's not. He's just another 'yes man' puppet.....just like the ones that came before him.

    Change will not come until we take the $$$ out of politics and get back to running this country as it was initially intended. Our forefathers all had jobs at home and only convened to do their political duties and then go back home to their lives. Now it's all about being re-elected and taking bribes from lobbyists. It's corrupt to the core. 'Change' now will only come about with bloody results I'm afraid.
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    OM tell'n YA!!!!

    hes the 3RD "ANTICHRIST"..can feel it in my gut every time i see his face:shocked: ..OM DEAD fuck serious:icon_scratch: Bud3
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    I think he reeks of cheap colonge. And subterfuge. But he probably plays Scrabble quite well.

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    The Stepford President

    I think he may have been pushed and promoted behind the scenes without his knowlege, kind of like someone setting-up a slot machine to hit a jackpot for whoever puts the next quarter into it. But once he got into the Whitehouse and really started dealing with these problems the multi-faced beast of money, power, and industry really revealed themselves as those who will apply and ease pressure in certain areas if he "compromises".

    They probobly psychologically profiled him long ago as all candidates that they allow to rise to the top so that they could come up with a prediction model or a psychological profile of him and his most likely reaction in a series of situations that they intend to place him in and they pre-plan their way of capitalizing off of all of his likely responses to their stimuli. They always have the Lee Harvey Oswald option where the puppet cuts it's strings and goes rogue and they neutralize the threat through assasination and then use the incident to consolidate more power unto themselves and then they do whatever it is that the ex-puppet was trying to stop them from doing, right after they install the next pre-screened, pre-selected puppet.

    The president WAS correct about one thing; if change comes it will HAVE to come from the bottom up! The office of president can easily be manipulated but the TRUE will of the people cannot be profiled or faked or copied! It is a great and roaring tidal wave! A sunami that will dash their corruption and greed into a thousand pieces and clear the ground of humanity so that the seeds of liberty can grow and thrive! The President is only a man; it's my country that I love!
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    Please tell me those aren't eggplants. That is soooo wrong.:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    How'd ya feel if I put 2 loaves of Wonder Bread on a table and said, "cousins! AND they're married!":rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    True! I guess you got me there. I've never met a black 'teamster' before. That must have been what threw me. Hell, most black people I know don't even know what a Teamster is. Guess there's a first time for everything.

    EDIT: Ohhhhh! You mean the ass-plum and Obama are..... OK, I'm slow. AND high as hell.
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    Obama = :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:
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    :passit: I'll second that.
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    Yea he's having a big fucking party tonight while millions of American are out of work & our troops over Afghanistan are waiting for back up-Bud
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    yea too bad we all cant have a ""PIG ROAST''

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    youl see

    i have a sixth scence..got it from my mom:wink: fer REAL people i not make'n it up!:icon_scratch: think about it ..he has ALL the answers millions of people believe and fallow him ...and think hes the answer too the worlds problems ???? i not just babble'nn folks i'm very serious:shocked: :icon_scratch: ... yea i know smoke another one Budweiser 3:protest: :new_terminator:
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    Make that a third!!:thumbsup:

    Bud...you and me both brother!! I getum all the time>>>usually spot on too!

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