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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana' started by ClayStreet, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. ClayStreet

    ClayStreet Gypsy

    I've had a few side effects that prove annoying with weed, as opposed to the better things it does with my health.

    The first thing is my memory. I already have bad memory anyway, but weed really fucks me up. Sometimes I can't remember half of what I did the day before..

    Second thing I've had sometimes, it muscles aches. I'll usually get these in my lower back, but sometimes it relates to muscles that I am currently using. It really makes them things ache. A few times I've gotten a headache too.

    Fatigue.. sometimes when I get super stoned all I want to do is sleep. You'd think I'd enjoy being so blitzed that I'd want to stay awake for it. when this happens I just hate being high..

    Munchies. This is averted by eating right before getting stoned. But not always. If you're the kind of person who craves eating, weed is a major tendency maximizer. Hard to keep to a diet when smokin..

    Addiction. People try to tell me that weed isn't addictive, and I believed that. But I'm getting to the point now that not a day goes by that I don't wish to be high. I've tried a couple times now to get away from it, but I keep coming back.. Some of it's due to boredom I guess, because I don't lead an active lifestyle, it's easier to sit around the house and get stoned when I have free time.

    I have heard that you should take vitamins to replace some of the things that weed takes from your system.. what is it?

    Also had a question on the eyes thing. When you get buzzed, and your eyes get bloodshot and dry as ****, is that bad for your eyes? I mean like in the long run?
  2. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate


    Try smoking a strain heavy on the Sativa side. It keeps you more alert and doesn't effect your memory as much. Its more of a "Dreamy" head high than a couchlock experience where you want to sleep. Achy muscles and headaches? You smoking swag? Or buds that haven't been flushed?

    The sativa would also eliminate the fatigue. Munchies never a prob for me, but seems less on the Sativa as well.

    Weed is not physically addictive, but you can (and it sounds like you are) becoming psychologically dependent on it. Vitamins are good in general, but I don't know that smoking weed removes or eats up any of your bodies vitamins. Its not meth you know. I don't think it cause any damage to your eyes. Weed in fact is great for helping glaucoma patients.
  3. elcajon555

    elcajon555 A Fat Sticky Bud

    Hey clay I have a similar problem with weed adn sleeping. I have noticed that when I go to bed high I sleep a lot, and when I get up I am still really tied and it is like I haven;t sleeped at all. Like last night I went to bed high and I slept for 13 hours which is too much. I also have a problem with the munchies. My friend and I always eat nachos when either high or drunk. And we go throught a lot of cheese, me friend eats like three huge cups of cheese. The other day my friend, my brother and I eat a whole pan of tuna helper and a whole pan of marcorni and cheese and brats. Food tastes really good while high. Besides the munchies, pot isnt counterproductive when dieting, I mean it doesn;t contain the calories and carbohydrates that liqour contains. And I do think many people are mentally addicted to weed.
  4. ClayStreet

    ClayStreet Gypsy

    how do you mean psychologically, Useless? You mean like I am subconciously urging myself to get high all the time? What can I do to counterattack this? Just quit?

    Elcajon, yea man I have this problem without the weed. I sleep but when I wake up I don't feel well rested. I don't have sleep apnia but I on the other hand just am not a "morning" person. By morning I mean whenever I wake up. I usually resent getting up, and feel lazy and weak. It takes a few hours to get me going.

    and yes food is great when your high. Especially sugary things. I crave chocolate big time, Mountain Dew and if I get bad enough I'll eat anything in sight. [​IMG]

    I don't drink normally. Alcohol just tastes like crap to me so I don't drink it. I have a Bud light every once in a while if it's here, but usually 1/2 way through it I just lose interest and end up throwing it out. My wife drinks occasionally, but not alot. So that's why we have beer in the house at all. mainly for company carousing.
  5. Marty2k3

    Marty2k3 A Fat Sticky Bud

    Ive a low blood pressure rate that can cause me to black out if i stand up to quick and smokin i think is the only reason i have this because when i stopped last year it went up and i felt better.
  6. greenthumb420

    greenthumb420 Hash Engineer

    Weed also affects people in different ways. I use weed medically as i have rheaumatoid arthrits....not like regular arthritis that is caused by wear and tear, RA is an auto immune disease that in laymens means my immune system cannot differenciate between good and bad so it attacks good cells which cause severe dibilating pain and swelling in the joints.Which causes the joints to deterioriate.any way i'm rambling. I try to keep different strains on hand...mainly sativa for days i don't feel like doing anything and need a kick in the ass, indica/sativa mix for days i don't want to be wired and to kill pain and still function, and mainy indica for nights i need to get alot of sleep.considering some of the treatments i have to go through such as chemo therapy......weed is the best,safest drug i know.
  7. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    Couldn't agree more GT. DOing what I do for a living means I have to be sharp and motivated, all while still maintaining the ability to talk to some pretty "high-up" people in the business food chain. Sativas during the day for me. Indicas at night and for pain. SOme of the drugs the Doc's had/have me on just make me stupid, turning me into a mush-head. COuldn't function at all, and forget doing mny job, that is all brain power at work and I didn't have any.

    Clay, what I mean by pshychologically dependent is that you have become accustomed to being high. It makes you feel better and therefore subconsciously crave it more often now. It's a subconscious mental reaction to pleasure. Just like Pavlov's dog, except instead of drooling for food, you crave weed for the pleasure it brings to you. It is a learned behavior and can therefore be un-learned (did I just say "unlearned?"). People who have "addictive" personalities (form habits very easily)such as alchoholics etc. are more prone to this sort of thing and it can be harder for them to correct or realize it. Just control it. You don't have to stop smoking, unless that is what you feel you must do to control it.
  8. ClayStreet

    ClayStreet Gypsy

    thanks Useless. I do tend to feel better when I'm stoned , and I've noticed over the last week how I try to get in a toke here and there even when it doesn't seem like I should be.. ya know? I started out just doing it once a week, now it's more like a daily habit. It's also this current strain I got.. it tastes very good, and only two little pipe hitz make me heavyheaded and stupid for at least 4 hours. I wish I knew what it was, definatly Indica.. nice brown thick nugs, almost like a bit of a dried brownie with leaves.. [​IMG] not taste, texture rather, and size.. aftertaste is lemony at times, not harsh but subtle.. smoke doesn't attack your lungs, even with a huge hit. Anyways (now I'm rambling), the other strains I got I was less inclined to smoke a lot of it, but since I got this new stuff, I've really gotten addicted. As soon as this 1/2 is smoked I should be better. [​IMG] hopefully. Maybe it's a good thing I don't grow at home.. [​IMG] I'd be addicted to everything!
  9. PoSt HiPnOtIc

    PoSt HiPnOtIc A Fat Sticky Bud

    i got the same problems, but when im dry for a few days i can usually handle it, sobriety is trip for me , since im stoned more than sober,

    maby its cause i get bored when im home, and the fact that some people always pss me off.,

    but herbs been good to me, it helps me sleep and feel 'nice'

    if food is in the fridge, chances are i will toke a little, go eat a hardy meal, and toke afterwards again hardcore.

    i also got some effed' up back pains, but not severe, i crack the damn thing like every day cut it feels weird, and recently my dopey ass took a wrong step 'somwhere' and i fuked up a muscle or somthing in my left leg,/calf

    been limping everywhere i go, lol

    its been in pain for a few days and i cant even remember where i stepped wrong, my memory fails at times,  i remember taking a lousy sememter of geometry back in school after taking it years before, and i was dumb struck by all the numbers and crap symbols.., fuk that ill stick with art man, anyeway, had to get that out,

    also i get super sleep at times too, i find myself unable to get up in front of the tv on the bed, just feeling tired as fuk,,

    but whem im out with friends, im a little more alert, usually tired too, but more so up, then eating and sleeping.

    phew,,  anywayz

    stay cool,

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  10. Mrs B

    Mrs B Guest

    You need the water soluble vitamins, C and B complex. Smoking anything or even drinking depletes them, which is partly why you can feel so burned out the next day. Eating a balanced diet can help, but I find that when I get the munchies I just eat whatever's around, and nutrition goes out the window, so I take a stress formula vitamin to compensate for that. It does help, somewhat.
  11. TaPE

    TaPE A Fat Sticky Bud

    I think I'm almost addicted to not being sober instead of any drug in particular. I just love being on anything, well as long as it's safe. No coke, heroin, or meth or even acid. But I don't think there's anything wrong with that until you let it get out of control. PoSt HiPnOtIc made a good point about soberness being a high. It's true for me too. Sometimes I forget the greatness of being sober and having your brain be able to do countless things at once, which drugs sometimes make hard. But the only negative side effects I can say I get from smoking marijuana is, well, just that, smoking it. My lungs sometimes don't feel as fresh as they used to and I can feel some damage when I run and such. A vaporizer would be the way to go, but right now I'll have to wait a while before I can afford expenses like that. The memory thing isn't too bad, because most the things I do high are meaningless so remembering them would just take more memory space up in my brain. Riiight, anyway, the point is, well I guess I don't really have a point, just wanted to share my views.
  12. ClayStreet

    ClayStreet Gypsy

    you have a cool avatar Tape..

    thanks Mrs. B. I'll have to look for some vitamins because yeah a lot of times I have that bummed out feeling after the high goes away or the next day.. Just feel kinda light headed and tired. even if I slept 12 hours! Strange about the stress formula cuttin down munchies, seems like weed in itself is stress relief, yet causes munchies..
  13. TaPE

    TaPE A Fat Sticky Bud

    Thanks ClayStreet, I drew it on orange paper and just added the ripples. But you know what I just finished eating and I don't care how cray this sounds, but I get a sort of buzz from eating. It usually only happens when sitting at the computer and after I just munched something down and rank and start reading, it gets very hypnotic and i catch myself enjoying a buzz. Usually goes away within ten minutes though. I think just the act of eating or drinking very fast gets me to feel it. Or it can just be a flashback every now and then from all the tripping I've done...you decide...all I know is that this just gives another reason to eat more. By the way it's somehow physically impossible for me to gain weight, but I'm only 18, I know it'll catch up to me, like to so many people who've warned me.
  14. ClayStreet

    ClayStreet Gypsy

    ya Tape, the weight does catch up. I weighed 120 lbs as a freshman and sophomore, and did a lot of weight training and I drank a lot of protein milkshakes so I could gain mass. By my junior year, I weighed 155 lbs, and by my senior year I was up to 170 lbs. Afterwards I kept on rolling to 200 lbs. by 20, 250 by 25. When I was 14, and was tired of being thrown around in football games, I wished I had more weight behind me and I ate constantly but never gained a pound. Now I have a lot of weight behind me, wish I was back to 170 lbs at least, and know that almost everything I eat WILL screw me over. [​IMG] It's nice feeling invincible tho, but one day you'll know what we are all talking about.. And stay the hell away from protein milkshakes! [​IMG]
  15. hellostupid

    hellostupid Stupid Iz. Stupid Duz.

    :alien:I know ismoke2much when i wake up still "high" from yesterday!!!

    I sleep hopin that i wake up sober, not high!

    Being high all the time; meanz that i begin to forget that i'm high...az weird as it soundz....

    I don't want to wake up already high, cuz i can't appreciate a "fresh" high when i'm already buzzed!

    That'z like eating Lunch right after You'd already eaten Breakfast!!!

    Basically, if i wake up still buzzed, then i know fer a fact that Definitely....Ismoke2much!!:biggrin:

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  16. TaPE

    TaPE A Fat Sticky Bud

    Yeah when you're high all the time you get used to it, the same as you're used to being sober. So smoking all the time sometimes defeats the whole purpose. I love the first hour of a weed only high. After it gets really stoning and I just sit there lazy and I forget to do things that I was supposed to. I love marijuana more as a booster for other drugs, rather than by itself. Gets you tripping quicker and more intensely. I love 3-4 beers and some bud, that is also a very nice, hyperish buzz. Yeah I'm 18, a lil under 5'9" and only weigh 133 pounds. That is probably considered skinny, but I just hope in the long run it will help me out.

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