One of my vegging ladies is sick..

Discussion in 'Pests and Plant Problems' started by spinkler, Mar 2, 2010.

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    I've included some photos, let me know if you need them in more detail. The plant is relatively tall, 14.5" from perlite to the top node. There's some fresh growth at the bottom, but a couple of the small leaves are showing similar symptoms to the ones you see here. The worst symptoms are showing in the bottom -> middle of the plant. Problem begins at the tips of the leaves and works it's way in it seems, and it hits the veins of each leaf first and works it's way to the outside.

    I also think that I've left them a little long without a feed.. I've been a little overexcited about my new flowering area... whoops.. :BangHead:

    After looking at the problem solver I ended up with:

    Let me know what you guys think.




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    In the thread title you say ONE of my ladies. Are the others getting the same treatment and doing well? If so I would think perhaps some sort of disease. I'm no botanist. Just an observation.

  3. MrAstro

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    I'm alittle (LOL) fucked-up, but what is your pH?

    That may be your problem, right there.
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    I'm on that page too.
  5. spinkler

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    I balance my water to pH 5.8 every time.. I don't touch the nutrients, I was told they were pH buffered and that I don't need to adjust the pH of my nute solution. After checking some of the nutes that have sat there for a day they're up at pH 6.8-6.9 area. Fine for soil, I imagine. :roulette:

    lol, not to worry, I'll get it fixed up. They're pretty hardy, I'm sure they'll come good.

    Oh, and yeah, I have 2 others in the same veg space, same treatment except one of them was repotted a little later.

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