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  1. Hey guys i was wondering if somone would be able to help me.. Well here is the story i have a plant that is about 4-5 weeks into flowering im using 2 20W Fluros with a 400W HPS running on top of it.. I am ferting with Fish emultion.. The other day i think i used to much fert because 2 days later nearly all the leaves are a really pale green with spots of really dark (normal green) on them i was wondering if this was a nitrogen difficiency and if so what could i use to treat it.. I want to get this sorted out asap so ur help would be greatly appreciated thanks...........
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    Here are a couple of links for ya. Read em, its all there. One of the biggest problems for novice growers is fertilizing, or better put, OVER fertilizing. I think that the easiest way to start out is to buy some potting soil and add organic fertilizer to it. When you do this, you won't really have to mess with any fertilizers throughout the life cyle, generally speaking. I will leave my soil mix should you have any interest in taking that road. I my opinion, its much, much, much easier for the novice grower. This is not the end all of soil mixes or something imparted to me from god. Its what works for me, and its what I do. That being said:

    1)2 Cubic Feet of potting soil. Buy something half way decent, preferably without a whole lot of bark chips and twigs in it. They require nitrogen to decompose, and will use up the nitrogen in your soil.

    2)2 gallon perilite. I just measure it out with a one gallon planter. You could cut the top off a milk jug if need be. Whatever works.

    3)1 to 1 1/2 cups blood meal. Not an ounce more. Too much of this stuff will burn the living **** out of your plants. I think 1 cup is better to start with. Remember, less is more.

    4)1 cup bone meal

    5)1 cup dolomitic lime This can be found at any feed store. Look for one(a feed store)in the phone book. Its used in gardening as well as being added to livestock food, for its calcium content.

    6)1 cup alfalfa meal Buy it at the same place you get the lime. This is going to give ya some N as well as Triacontonal, which is a growth hormone. Don't go crazy with it, just use one cup.

    7)1/2 cup Green Sand Its debatable as to how much effect this is going to have, as it takes a while to break down in the soil and become available, but.....I use it anyway. Noticed a difference when I did.

    8)1/3 cup sulphur pellets. Not an ounce more.

    This will make you between 10-12 gallons worth of soil. If ya dont need that much, half every thing. You are also going to want to wear gloves and a mask when mixing this up. Dont breath this stuff in. I just get a garbage bag, throw all the dry ingredients in, mix it up good, shake it around, and then just pour it into the soil and mix it in really well. I use a 20 gallon plastic storage tub. But you can mix it in any way you like. With this mix, with proper watering, you shouldnt need to fertilize them at all. Hope this helps.


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    I am not going to diagnose your plant's illness . But I will point a fact or two out .

    Fish emulsion is generally in the 5-1-1 or 4-1-1 or 3-1-1 range depending on the producer . That is 5 parts Nitrogen to 1 part Phosphorus and 1 part Pottasium . N-P-K for short . Fish emulsion is a respectable Vegitative Fertilizer . Usually plenty of micronutes and lot's of nitrogen for lush green growth .

    If you are 4-5 weeks into flowering you are past the need for a high N diet . At this point a flowering marijuana plant will do better with a boost in -P- , the second number , and a reduction in the -N- number . That would be a product with the ratio of 1-2-1 or 1-3-1 (15-30-15 , or 12-36-14 etc ) . Brand name of your choice , organic or chemical , you decide .

    Hope that helps , Strato .
  4. Hey guys thanks heaps for your help and thanks heaps aswell to the guy at the hydro shop.. Today i went down to the closest hydro shop about 10 mins from here and i told the guy my problem and told him i had limited funds so i bought a product 1 litre of Monsta bud. which cost $17 AUD we got chatting about root systems etc and he said i can help u out with ur problem and he gave me a litre of Living liquid N 2% P 1.04% K 3.2% he gave me part a and part b he also gave me half a bottle of Bud rite part a and B and also Grow rite part a and b so all up he gave me about $100 worth of products so now im all set thanks heaps for the help the plant is on his way back to the healthiness it should be..
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    Far out Hydro-Guy !

    But you are a lifetime customer now , so he's only being a smart businessmman . $100 retail cost him $50 out of pocket maybe , and he'll get more than that from word of mouth advertising and future sales from a happy customer .

    That would be so cool to have 10 minutes away . ENVY !
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    Good to hear you are learning about what your plants need.

    Keep us posted on the progress of your cultivation efforts.
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    your PH level can alter your plants ability to uptake certain nutes, have you checked it? do you flush?

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