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Discussion in 'Pests and Plant Problems' started by Convict, Sep 13, 2008.

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    Got a plant that's outside in FFOF, shes in mid bloom. I was heavy feeding it once a week with FF Big bloom. I used some organic PH down, to try to lower my ph balance in the water I was using to 5.5. The chart on the back of the bottle was way off, I watered twice with it before finding this out. Didn't have anymore ph strips. Anyways, the soils ph is at 7.1, and I had watered with 2.0 or less twice. I started noticing problems with the plant and stopped feeding and using ph down. It has since rained a good 4 or 5 times, since I noticed what seems to be ph problems.(or fertz problems). The fan leaves are all turning yellow then brown and dying. Now the leaves around the buds are turning a purplish hue. It was a "free" seed that came with my order from AMS, so I don't know if it is in fact some sort of purple strain. If some of you recall its the one with the spiraled leaves.

    Is it common for purp to have spiraled leaves? How can I lower my ph in the soil, quickly and effectively without damaging roots? By the way she never did grow out of those spiraled leaves, looks pretty cool though.
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    I have been having problems using ff nutes too. Are you going by the directions on the back of the bottle when u say "Heavy feeding"? if so thats to much. Go to fox farms web site and they have a printable feeding schedule and compare it to the bottle, the directions on bottle are way off. When u say the leaves are yellowing browning and fallen off, u mean the bottom of the plant? I have the same problem mine is only 4 an a half weeks in flower a bunch of my bottom leaves fell off way early and still yellowing now. The feeding shedule says to add 2 tsp per gallon of grow (nitrogen) per gal in week 3 and 4 of flower, wich i missed so i think that didnt help the yellowing of the leaves. When i add nutes to water it drop the ph to around 6.5 from 7 get a proper ph tester and next time add some lime to the soil thats what im gonna do next time around i hope i helped you alittle
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    the yellow leaves started at the bottom but are now near the top. I'll check that website out and adjust the feedings. Doesn't purple stems and leaves mean that there isn't enough nitrogen or Phosphorous? If its a purple strain how can ya tell if they're getting the right nutes?

    If I use a lower ph water would that help lower the ph in the soil?

    It did get down to mid 30's the other night though.
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    Im toatally new to the whole ph thing man. I do know that 6.5 is optimum ph for soil. I dont think lowering the ph of your nute solution any lower then that will help. Have you tried a flush? Prolly wouldnt hurt since u said u were heavy feeding it. Purple leaves stems does mean P K def, purple streaking up the stems means P def. cold nights and warm days causes purpling also. Im still a noob and everything i tell u here is stuff i read up on. So i say dop some research on this stuff and do what u thinks right.
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    cool, cool

    yeah man with all that 'good' rain, kinda shit that soaks up not runs off, its definately flushed. It's all new to me to, I've had my hands in others grows but this is my personal first. Ph and all this organic stuff I'm using, its all new to me too. Just goin off of my insticts, knowlege and info read off of here. Lot of good info here man, do alot of reading. Seems to me she needs more Big Bloom. I checked out that website, I was putting way too much in, both the FF and ph down bottles were way the fuck off. But again, if its a purple strain, how do ya know?

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