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Discussion in 'Advanced Cultivation' started by SuperMoChombo, Jun 17, 2017.

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    I bully my plants into looking like I want them. Along with occasional forays into defoliation, I employ a number of techniques to physically create the plant of my dreams. What is the plant of my dreams? Well, it's the one that's easy to trim, yields big drooling nugs, and grows the exact same height as it's neighbors, spread out to fill every available space with nuggetry.

    Every round I try something a little different. I've gotten close to what I want but I'm never satisfied. I change what I do, learn new stuff, have new ideas, etc.

    One staple that I have come to view as sort of a necessity for avoiding popcorn is to cut out new growth low on the plant and close to the stalk in shaded areas. I usually do it twice - once at flip and once at about week 3 of flower. I take these opportunities to hack out any crap I think won't produce good bud.

    Here's a plant before and after it's flip trim

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    I am pretty much doing the same thing. topping in veg, taking off the lower
    30% of the plant and removing fan leaves that block light penetration. I am phasing out some sativa heavy strains that are just gonna stretch like crazy on the flip regardless of training. I like the hybrids that mind their manners and don't reach for the stars. Makes for a fairly even canopy.

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