plants falling over at 5 days

Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by NUGZ, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. NUGZ

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    2 of my plants have fallen over, i don't know if due to weak stems or what? they are under 2 T8 flourescents i have had a fan on them since they sprouted, does any1 know why this would be? 2/7 of then are upside down, one of them is being braced but i can't get this other one to stay up. what should i do? and what do you think is causing this? thanks, NUGZ
  2. bubblegump

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  3. NUGZ

    NUGZ Full Flowering

    within an inch or 2, as close as possible with the fluctuation in heights of the plants.
  4. MrKind

    MrKind New Sprout

    It could also be over watering that is causing the weak stems and your plants to fall over... Try not to give those plants a lot of attention and just let the plant do what it needs to.
  5. Mr. Wakenbake

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    man ...

    cut a straw the length of the stem and split it down one side...put it around the stem and get some more light on them....They are probably starving for light if the lights aren't 1" or less away...weak light= weak stems=weak bud...get the lights closeeeeee nugz...don't TIE, or tape anything to the stem as it is very hard to get off and can damage the plant even more.Use the straw method it works...i had to use it on my last grow.i really can't stress enough that the tube flo's are soooooooooooo inefficient compared to the cfl's for growing.If you use tube flo's you need a lot of them in a very confined space, real close to the plants.Most tube flo's are MOST efficient at the very center of the tube.If you can't keep em low on the plants than you might want to rethink the lighting setup.You don't want to waste good beans, whether bagseed/ breeder straim or whatever..
  6. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Good info Mikey. I agree all the way. When I had seedlings under flos I had them all the way up into the flos...even between the tubes. Anything over an inch away is TOO far away. Mr.Kind mentioned over watering which is another good bit of info. If the soil at the base of the seedling is too wet it will cause the stem to dampen off and rot. This is very common in Newbies....myself included long ago. Hardest thing to learn is to not kill your plants with love.
  7. NUGZ

    NUGZ Full Flowering

    they are down within an inch of all the plants top leaves now. also will not be watering for a couple days atleast. thanks for the great info guys. especially mikey and herb. i am down to 3 misty and 3 top 44. lost one of each. anyways, just hope to get one good lady out of each of the 3. we'll see what happens. also how often do u recommend watering them at this stage?? i have some superthrive but no fertillizer to mix it with. my soil is about 70% pro-mix BRK based medium and 30% perlite. it definetely seems like this medium dries out fast. or looks like it anyway. thanks again, NUGZ

    can or should i use superthrive by itself? peace
  8. skunky

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    i got 12 sprouts in 20 oz plastic cups that are about the same age as yours and sounds like one of the setups i use you probably just have different bulbs, i only water them that first time kind of heavy and like every 3-4 days and thats even with a 50-50 perlite soil mix under the fluros for 6 hrs then 12 hrs under the 400w HPS next to the flowering plants and so your soil might not be drying out as quick as you think. but i would say water everyother or third day, maybe even longer if you stick your finger in the soil and it still feels pretty moist don't water let it dry up a little more. Also, I have found that adding a cap full of hydrogen peroxide per gallon on the seedlings they have really nice white roots and a little more root mass but also helps just incase you do over water by helping to protect them from root rot right now and as for superthrive right now you would want to use superthrive alone. You wouldn't want go give your plants nutes yet cause that would more than likely burn them.
  9. Administrator

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    Water when the soil dries out. That's the best info on watering I can give people. MJ prefers drier soils to moist soils and the plants themselves will tell you when they need watering. Using the superthrive is fine for now, but in time you will need a good veg fert. I recommend Metanaturals, but there are many others out there to use as well. The Metas are organic and easy to use as well as forgiving should problems arise.
  10. UrBigBuddie

    UrBigBuddie MEDI-GROWER

    HONESLY MA MAN.... use a straw like the man said or just put in a stick or anything thinish and strong enough that you can lean your flower against it or gently put an elastic band around them both very slacly or a losely tied bit of string on a stick a straw a plastic stick, it doesnt really matter, as long as you keep it up right with what info youve been

    P.S, try the lights down closer,(alot closer like 2" away,or 1" iff needed) but thats NOT why ur plant is falling over..... Try a "little fan" to strengthen the cells in the stems and ul be TOTALLY fine ma man........ but as you put your fan in, keep it tied up right and the fan WILL do the rest for ya ma man.



  11. NUGZ

    NUGZ Full Flowering

    i've had a little fan on them since day 1
  12. Mr. Wakenbake

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    from soil to cotyledons..

    I would say that stem strength is directly related to distance of light and intensity...also...if you keep the soil too moist the stems will rot at the soil level and the plant wil fall over. if your lights were too far away then the plants are goin to fall over and you are goin to be pissed. i can't stress enough that flo's can be really almost touching the plant and really couldn't hurt them that much at all. hell you can run a cfl or tube flo for hours and still be able to tuch the tube....unless the unit is High Output. The plants can handle the heat as long as the back of your hand can. This is the way I judge distance for all plants.
  13. Ganja Gary

    Ganja Gary Veggy Stage

    i think youll find its over watering. i got the same prob with a couple of mine the only diff is they are under 1000w! no lack of light there. :rolleyes:
  14. puffthemagicdragon

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    seedlings falling over? rockwool ?

    everyone says water when soil is dry but what about rockwool cubes. mine are falling over say 3 out of 10. they are close to the lights and i just put a fan on them but if i water all the same how come some fall and the others dont? how can i tell if i am over watering using rockwool cubes? this is my 1st grow. i have 5 confirmed deaths. all hawian snow feminized. the only one that the roots grewout the bottom of the cube was a mystery seed. now its in a bigger rockwool block. i am attempting to grow in a "supercloset" has anyone heard of that?
  15. ClosetGrower420

    ClosetGrower420 Veggy Stage


    the problem might be a couple,...

    -Over Watering

    -fan is blowing to strong

    -weak stem genetics

    if it the genetics of a shity batch then its not fix-able..

    if its over-watering just don't water so much...

    if its the fan turn down the fan's setting and hope you solved the problem..

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