Popeye and his spinach

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by llIndigoll, Sep 16, 2006.

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    that really sucks! but to me it's all the more reason to buy your food locally. It's important to support local organic growers
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    BECOME a local organic grower. :heybabe:
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    Good Info

    Indi....I saw that on the news & felt so bad for the young girl who now has liver and kidney damage. I immediately called my one g/frd who loves to buy those Dole salad product's in a bag. Skeery isn't it? Who would think you could get E. coli from spinach??:confused:

    I think is just shows how lazy we are as well as American's that we can't toss our own salad's or even cut up spinach. :rolleyes2:

    Anywhos....yep looks like the BEST way to prevent something like this is to either grow your own veggie's OR buy locally from a farmer,

    Peace~Jersey :animbong:
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    I remember this same type of scare quite some years ago about an organic Mescalune(sp) or mixed greens salad farm that had E-Coli in the plants.

    Turned out that the organic lettuce farm was right down the road/field from a pig farm....that was allowing the pig poop to drain into the local stream/river that the lettuce farm was using as irrigation water!!!

    Now, you'd think that the poop would be fertilizer, but there must have been some kind of wierd cross contamination....I don't remember all the specifics.
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    I didn't know shit about the spinach recall untill after I got pissed that I couldn't make a spinach salad at my local restaurant with a salad bar... Last week...

    I prefer fresh spinach instead lettuce when I make a chef salad... Just tastes better.

    Damned e-coli!!!

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