Power Plant. Too Good NOT to review!

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Power Plant. Too Good NOT to review!

  1. Yes,smoked it and rated it highly among Sativas.

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  2. Yes,smoked it and thought it was just averga

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  3. Yes ,Grown & Smoked it and would grow it again for sure.

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  4. Yes,Grown & Smoked it but theres more important strains on my 'bucket list'

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  5. No. Havent tried it.

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  1. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.


    #1-Strain:> PowerPlant from Dutch Passion #2-Appearance:> Compact dense buds and they actually look so "real":5eek: I know that sounds stupid as fuck to say that weed looks "real",but in my trippy sativa baked head it sounds legit to me.Real as in,some weed looks "tired" ,"haggard" or "lacklustre",well this weed looks "Vibrant" and real Iv read reviews online where some people get carried away calling it "a visual masterpiece":suave: and remarking how the "trichomes even reflect in different shades of color ranging from bright white to burnt yellow. So strange looking it is almost like this strain was actually grown in a power plant.":eusa_eh::icon_rolleyes::bduh: In fact my description of it as "Vibrant and Real" looking sounds positively normal now after reading that!:roll: The colours stand out and thats what makes it 'virbrant'' looking. 'Real' as in,when you buy some bud and you look at it and INSTANTLY know its real good weed just by the colours , compact dense nuggs and aromatic smell. Put it this way you dont have to look twice to check its not 'GritWeed':eusa_doh:#3-Taste:> 8/10. Pleasant and smooth,not harsh in any way.I found the taste mild,very smooth. Iv seen on other review pages people saying it is "spicy with earthy undertones and citrus aftertaste":eusa_eh: but i dont see how it can be all 3 things.To me it was mild,pleasant and smooth and if anything had a mild mild spice taste to it.IO wouldnt say it tasted of citrus at all IMHO.#4-Aroma:> 7/10.Earthy type Pine needle smell.Like a cheap incense stick burning:lmao: . Its more aromatic than pungent and although it doesnt stink out your home and have you reaching for the Febreeze anytime the front door goes.It still packs a punch smell wise,not too much though:thumbsup:#5-High/Stone type:> 9/10. Very Nice. You know that "clear" head buzz you get with many sativas? Well this isnt it!:lmao: You can tell theres some Indica in the mix cos it without doubt gives you an Indica like "stoney" feeling but the head trance soon kicks in and gives you plenty to think about!:eusa_think: The clear headedness that Sativas are known for is overtaken by the lucid thoughts and trance like state it gives you once you've been smoking it in abundance. Although its fair to point out that if you only smoked a little then i dare say you would have a clear head and could go about your business. But iv been smoking it in Blunts,heavily paacked spliffs and late night/early morning pipes which pretty much renders me "at home" for the rest of the day. Perfect weed to be smoing on the last bank holiday weekend before Christmas:bong2:#6-Source:> 8/10. Reliable source or SWIM as hes known as!:roll: SWIM is the middle man between customer and cultivator. The guy only deals in Sativas which is a bonus for me:icon_biggrin: SWIM says he got them from SWIM who grew his batch from some clones that SWIMs Uncle SWIM gave him. Uncle SWIM sourced them from Dutch Passion originally:eusa_eh::rofl:#7-Price:> 9/10. £90 a half oz and £170 an Oz but the guy knocks £10 of the asking price to cover my taxi to and from his house.Believe it or not i ordered a half oz and then when i 'tried before i buyed', i thought "Fuck it,this shits nice i'll take some to last me" :suave: ..... Only thing is though it hasnt and iv been smoking like a Rastaman,doing blunts instead of joints. I think thats more to do with the fact i enjoy the stone immensely. (and have been enjoying the last of the summer holidays)#8-Potency:>8.5/10... (would have been an easy 9/10 if id grown it myself) Like iv said the consistency is good and for me,each time iv smoked PowerPlant it seems to get better,stronger. While i wouldnt say it ranks as a 10 for potency (compared to other sativas like Widow,Jack Herrer,Purple Haze). I'd give to a solid 8.5 for the fact it is consistently potent. I think if id personally grown this though id be giving it an easy 9 out of 10 but as i paid for it 8 & Half out of ten it is:evil4:#9-Overall Rating:>8.5/10 (Would have been 9/10 if id grown it but im always a little more critical of other peoples weed.ESPECIALLY WHEN IM PAYING FOR IT!) Im not rating it on a one off experience as iv smoked it several times over the last 18 months but recently i have been buying it in small weights like Ounces and Half Ounces so I've been smoking it heavier and the more i smoke it and become accustomed to,the more it seems to fuck me up.(In the nicest possible way:jj:).The one thing iv noticed about it is, it IS consistently good.But i am a sativa connoisseur so i must award it an overall 8 and a Half.Again consistency being the key and again,it woulda got a 9+ if id grown it myself:jj:#10-Overall Description:> 8.5/10. Compact and fresh looking buds.Dense but still retaining some moisture. Smokes lovely,smell nice and tastes nice. The stone is ABOVE AVERAGE by Sativa standards and not 'run of the mill' sativa. It offers something different for the reular sativa smoker.For that reason alone its a 'must try' for sativa lovers and its a 'must have' for cultivators who have the patience to wait a little longer for Sativas to fully flower. Worth pointing out both SWIM and DutchPassion both rate this as "a heavy hitter" in the yield department. Also noted the fact it ripens faster than a lot of other sativas. Indoor growers can expect to see the flowering phase take effect after only a week into the 12/12 stage.#11-Would you Reccomend:> 10/10. Absolutely. To anyone who enjoys a Sativa dom strain,yes! I would totally recommend. Its hard to describe because one minute your in a trance like state then the next minute your over analyzing life and paying attention to the minutiae. Before you know it you've been awake all night....but you've got some shit done for a change.It gets a recommendation from me for that alone!:tvlaugh: #12-Smokers General Comments:> Solid 8.5/10 Overall for price, look , taste, smell and stone. As Sativas go its up there with the best of them. Iv smoked a lot of sativa over the past year ,as its what i prefer to buy, and this Power Plant has been consistently good each time iv came across it.It actually surpasses most other sativas iv been smoking in the past year (and iv smoked a few:bongin: ) Namely Amnesia,(firm favourite and ever present) Tangerine Dream (a staple of my MJ recently) , Lemon Haze (Which i enjoy but think its overhyped), Silver Haze (meh) & the reliable Ice (an old friend). Although i would stop short of saying it even comes close to the big guns of White Widow,Jack Herrer & Diesal. But a fair and respectable ranking for it is not far below white widow and not far above Amnesia. If anyone reading this prefers sativas then you'll thoroughly enjoy powerplant.More than anything it is consistently potent,not only that but SWIM tells me its a "heavy hitter" in the yield department!!!. I see on the Dutchpassion website [ http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/strainstories/power-plant/ ]they are priced at £35 for a pack of ten.And it is described as ideal indoors or out and mentions how it "ripens fast" and has " enormous yields indoors" :eusa_drool:Personal Observation Regarding Strain (& background) :- Iv noticed over the past few years that Sativa is my 'dominance of choice':notworthy: and increasingly im beginning to notice that i seem to have unwittingly developed a fondness:eusa_drool: for South African Sativas because THEE best sativa iv EVER smoked (bar none) was a Landrace strain from the Transkei mountain range in South Africa that a friend brought back a bunch of after a backpacking holiday all over South Africa. I also seem to notice that Durban Poison, Swazi , Transkei are all strains that i rate highly and it turns out their mostly landrace strains or un-hybridized strains,as is the Powerplant. So it seems my favourite kind of weed is Sativa Dominant Inbred/ Unhybridized/Landrace from South Africa. (Anyone know of any other south african sativa dom inbred /Landrace strains:ponder:)Heres a guys growvideo diary of powoerplant where he pulls in pound+ at harvest time. One thing in common with a lot of the grow yields iv seen in reviews is that most people are pulling in 40 odd ounce harvests with the power plant,by all accounts,im surprised iv no heard of it being grown more here on the forum.It might not be one of the "cool" and "reassuringly expensive" strains but after having smoked it several times i would without a doubt grow this strainif able to:jj:[YOUTUBE]n5OGnLAG0mM[/YOUTUBE]


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  2. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Attitude do white label PowerPlant 10 seeds for $160

    Id be interested in Wolrd Of Seeds White Label Power Plant,sounds interesting:bongin:

    So it looks like a lot of people havent heard of it never mind smoked or grown it? I kinda thought that cos iv rarely heard it mentioned on the forum. As a strain available on the streets where i live then you know its gotta be one of a few things in order for local cultivators to be growing it in bul. Namely its gotta be inexpensive to buy seeds and compared to many varities out there it is! Also its gonna have to be a heavy hitter in the yield depaprment,which by all accounts it is and lastly if its a sativa then its gotta come with some sort of bonus for the grower to make the extra time worthwhile.... the stone obviously covers those bases aswell as the fact it flowers fast in around 8-9 weeks. I wish i was still growing cos id just fill my grow room with this and Amnesia... smoke that shit all day long:rocker:

    Heres a guy who was growing White Label Power Plant from Attitude.



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  3. JuggaloKing420

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    Sounds like a nice strain to try out. Those buds look tasty.
  4. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Grown it and i wasnt impressed. Yeild was normal and smoke was average.
  5. Mrgreengenes

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  6. Grown in Tx.

    Grown in Tx. Locked and Loaded

    is this "power plant" the same as "pure power plant"(ppp)?

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