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Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Hawaii 50, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. Hawaii 50

    Hawaii 50 Veggy Stage

    hey all
    ive been growing for over 10 years and never seen this. ive grown indoors/out,with the island climate you start in and kick them out when they are about 24 inches tall and let ma nature do the rest.
    i had to start over latly and a friend on the mainland sent me a slection of seeds he colected from bags during the last year.
    i started 20 or so seeds and after they were about 12 in. i throught them out to sex(12/12 were lucky for living on the equatoror so)i got some sativa and a few indica but one plant grew like a sativa(long narrow leaves,nice green stems but the hairs are purple and covered with thick crystals,it is so stinky ive never smelled before.(good smell)
    ive grown purple draggon before and even tricked it to go purple(indica) using an old fridge, but never like this
    so has anyone ever came acrossed this before.
    hawaii 50
  2. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Can't really recall purple pistils but I've seen a few with pink pistils. They sure are pretty! You should for sure clone that should it turn out to be an all around good plant, i'm sure you would hate to lose it then.
  3. Hawaii 50

    Hawaii 50 Veggy Stage

    im on it

    i have 6 in the machine already its looking good cant wait

    SMARMY Cuban Bee

    uh, wheres the smoke report?
  5. NeonLights

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    Thats just what I was thinking Army. Doesn't this belong in the beginners lounge?

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