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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by Bluntman36, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. Bluntman36

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    i am a first time grower and my plant has been growing for a bout 2 and a half months now. she is about 4 feet tall from the dirt to the top. on the bottom the leaves are really small then they start getting bigger. i have taken off 3 sets because they were turning brown. i meen the lowest 3 sets. now the first leaves start at about 18 inches from the bottom. i look at other ppls plants and they are all so bushy and have huge leaves at the bottom. i have on flouro and sum other grow light that is like a bulb i think. it is a yellow type of light. i have them both very close but try to get the whole plant. i am pretty sure it is a female because it has the two little pistil things. i think that i might have transplanited it a little late because when it had more root space the leaves did get bigger. basically i jus wanted to know y my plant isnt as bushy as others. also i would like to know when i should start giving it a 12\12 cycle and start producing those big beautiful buds.
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    Welcome to GrowKind.

    Sometimes the variety and strain of plant determines its characteristics. Sometimes it is the environment that determines those things.

    All plants show characteristics that are the results of genetic variety and environment. Your plant is growing in less than ideal lighting (not the sun in spring/summer).

    The plants that you see veteran growers posting online are more than likely the result of high-grade cannabis and high-level lighting (HPS) or outdoors.

    Where did you get your seed? What kind of fertilizers are you using? What kind of soil? What size pot is your plant in? What was the difference in pot sizes from transplant to transplant? What are you doing for ventilation and CO2? What lighting schedule are your plants on? What is the ph of your water? What is the ph of your soil? Am I asking too many questions?

    My point is that there could be any number of combinations of reasons and factors that are giving you the growth you are seeing.

    Fluorescent lights will work, but their effectiveness only penetrates about 6 inches from the bulbs. After that distance the spectrum levels that enable photosynthesis diminish. Your lower leaves are probably too far away from the light source to be effective to the plant, so your plant is using the nutrients stored in the leaves for food. This is just a guess, you realize. I'd have to have a lot more infomation about your situation to be of more help.

    There are some methods for growing under fluorescents that will maximize your utilities. Read up on the JOG method, LST and ScrOG.
  3. immapothead

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    One more tid-bit fot ya-

    The best time to flwr a plant is when its mature, which generally is around six weeks or so. Good Ol Mary Jane will let you know when she's mature by alternating her nodes.  :biggrin:

    Happy growing!!

  4. rangerdanger

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    A lot of pics you see of bushy plants from the bottom up are generally from clones.
  5. Greengrowhydro

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    good post's ranger,pothead and indigo . ;p
  6. greenthumb420

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    You should have started flower 3-4 weeks ago. Your plant is 4 feet tall and can double to triple in size when you switch to flower which you should yesterday. If you are working with floros you need to mount them vertically along the sides of the plant and a light at the top so the plant will get light from the top down....the more floros the better.
  7. Greengrowhydro

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    GT is right the plants are too tall for just the floros over head the lower leaves aint getting enough light. you should follow GT's advice on the vertical lights.
  8. Bluntman36

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    ya i have put the flouros along the side of the plant. and i have another cheap light on top of it. both lights were each about only 15 bucks. do u think that this will be enough for flowering. i know that my flouro is 85 watts the other one i do not know. to try and help it not be so tall i have cliped the top twice already. i have some pics if anyone would like to see. my soil is miracle grow and my fert is miracle grow for tomatoes. someone told me tomatoes are just like bud plants. the light cycle i have right now is 18\6. u are probably right that other plants are bushy because they started from clones. i have another plant starting and is about 2 inches now. i started it in a large pot, the same size as the one my big one is in now. it is about a foot in diameter and 18 inches tall. any tips for my new lil girl to make her as bushy as possible. and oh yeah wut will the little node things look like when it is time to switch over to a 12\12 cycle and start producing the sweeeet chronic.
  9. Greengrowhydro

    Greengrowhydro Developed Alternating Nodes

    Ok , first off miracle grow is ok. but i suggest going to your local k-mart or walmart and get some megabloom or somin for flowering, im guessing your plant is somewhere around 2-3 months old if its 4 ft maybe older. mj generally matures around 6 weeks old, the nodes are even and when it matures you can tell becuase the nodes will differ by one will be higher or lower than the other. pruning will make for a more bushy plant but i would worry about that i would just take some clones off of this one and put this one into flowering. but if you going to continue to grow i would get a HPS floros dont get the larger yeild like HPS.
  10. Bluntman36

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    ya my plant is about a week from three months old. my friend that says he has grown before says its still not mature and is not time for flowering. if i go out and get some mega bloom would i start giving it to my plant now or when i swithch the light cycle to enduce flowering. also if i enduced flowering right now would i get less yield because it is too early. also i have some knowledge on cloning but havent found any really good guid to doin it. my main questions about cloning would be how many sets of leaves would need to be cut off and how tall would the clone need to be. also do i put it in just straight water and wait for roots to grow or do i need some type of chemical. also what kind of lighting cycle would a freshly cut clone trying to grow roots need. anyone with a good guid for cloning please help me. since i havent been able to find anything i jus gave up cloning and planted another seed.

    thanks alot guys this forum is going to be a lot of help i can already see
  11. Bluntman36

    Bluntman36 Germinated

    oh yeah one more thing is a bust because because that one dude said that he bought from there and next thing you know he getting raided.
  12. immapothead

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    1st, read through this link....EVERYTHING!! <--good learnin! :ebert:

    The FAQ's have all you need to know about cloning plus much, much more. You can do a search also.

    2nd, insidesun is excelent from what ive heard, ebay is also a fine place for light shoppin, HPS for flowering. (where I got mine :wink:)

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