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Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by Lvstickybud, Feb 24, 2017.

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    I have been talking with my mother (yes I have one. Jeesh.) and she has a lot of questions about CBD that I can not answer. She is looking for CBD without THC (hey, I'm all about the T) as she's afraid of being stoned and wants no part of it. She is in a lot of pain, shoulder (rotary cuff is junk), back ( bad discs plus other things), knees ( hurts to walk), plus other pains from old age. She has gotten some oil from an acquaintance and she was telling me that it also contains other things like sunflower seed oil, hemp oil and a few things that she couldn't pronounce over the phone. It was also pretty expensive. I saw a bunch of different CBD oils at a local shop called Headlines. It's like an old head shop, clothing, pipes, bongs and such. Are these oils worth getting? Shouldn't CBD oil be ALL oil without any other substances added? I have her coming over with her old bottle so when we go I can see if the ingredients are the same. She says that it has dulled the pain some but she was hoping for more reduction then she got. I'm wondering if pure CBD is available and would work better or if mixed with other ingredients are the way to go, or even should she try something else like hash oil? She also doesn't want to get a medical card and she is in a Med state. Go figure. Her husband IS an ex Captain of Police, lol. Any answers would be nice. Thanks ahead.
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    Cbd works best when it has some thc in it. Personally I think those pure cbd oils they sell over the counter at your local rx are snake oil.
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    Cbd is technically illegal at the moment, no one is enforcing it because it's the same thing as hemp oil which is still legal.

    But I would agree, cbd is snake oil. It's kind of like amino acid precursor, but I wouldn't expect to much from it.

    I keep seeing people confuse cbd with rso on fb...pissed me off lol. Rso may work, just make it Super weak or have her take just a tiny bit at first
  4. ResinRubber

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    Check this site for extra info. It's a collaboration of Shanti and Jorge Cervantes.

    Studies show CBD has some really good uses as an anti-emetic, in skin irritations and rashes, as an antispasmodic and neuro-protectant. It really is a wonderful compound. Studies to date have also shown a reduced efficacy using solely CBD. That means CBD only distillates tend to perform less well than whole plant CBD extractions that also contain a full range of cannabinoid compounds. It's called the "entourage effect" where the subtle mixtures of cannabinoid compounds create a better result than any single cannabinoid alone.

    It ain't snake oil. It's for real and works for many many different purposes. Not the least of which is people who want the therapeutic effects of cannabis based products without the psychogenic effect. So to date, the best CBD treatments have shown to be whole plant extracts of high CBD, low THC, strains.
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    I've looked into CBD oil for my mom - my old man has had shingles for years now, lives in pain all the time. CBD is good for a lot of things, but pain isn't one of them.

    I'm no expert, but CBD ain't gonna do it for him. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the specific cannibinoid that works with pain is THC. It interrupts the signal between nerve ending to brain, hence less feeling of pain. (hence feeling stoned....) So if yer ma is in pain, CBD would absolutely be snake oil in that sense. THC is what is gonna do it. (again, correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I recall, when I looked it up for the pops a while back....)
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    Thanks all. Res that is a nice site with more info than I knew. I'm going to send her the link.
    gtwt, Looks like Delta 9 THC relieves pain as does Delta 8. CBCA helps with inflammation, which can cause a lot of pain, as does CBC, CBDA and CBGA is good for inflammation and pain. Now I'm thinking that these are all included in the "entourage effect" over just CBD.
    Maybe I should just take a pen full of dab over and make her smoke it. ( She has never, ever, smoked anything.)
  7. nippie

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    Does she drink?

    Green dragon, or whatever they called that. Mix vodka and weed, like rso but with vodka and you don't boil it down.

    A shot in morning and evening and I'd bet some relief
  8. Lvstickybud

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    No, she doesn't drink.
  9. ResinRubber

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    Exactly correct. CBD for inflammations, both internal and external. That's why high CBD works so well with Crohn's sufferers. But pain relief or analgesic topicals require THC. I'd look for one of the CBD Crew strains that tests out with a moderate THC and high CBD. The Attitude carries their gear.
  10. Lvstickybud

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    I'm guessing that I would have to have her smoke it either in bud or BHO? When I was searching about BHO I couldn't find how to do just an oil for under the tongue. I did see Rick Simpson's oil but I was assuming that that is for cancer, mostly.

    edit: I suck at searches and hate spending time reading a bunch of meaningless shit for hours and hours and days and still being no closer to finding what I need.
  11. ResinRubber

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    Most CBD oil is Simpson oil made from high CBD strains. So that's exactly what you should be researching. If you need some ideas on how to make a good Simpson oil hit me up in PM. If you can make iso hash, you can make oil.

    Oral dosing is the way to go for joint pain and inflammations.
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  12. skunky

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    You could do butter or vegetable/olive oil infusions for edibles or coconut oil is a good media for cooking, sublingual, and topical.
  13. ResinRubber

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    Long time Skunky. Trust life's been good?

    If you can stand the taste glycerine tinctures work really well too. For the high THC strains I've been using it tends to have less of a psychoactive effect than oil based infusions. Especially when made with fresh trim or flowers. Have a high CBD strain in the works and an excited to test a comparison.
  14. SuperMoChombo

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    Yes for non smokers the edibles are the way to go. Chocolates or candies made with high CBD strains would be perfect. You can get huge doses that way too.
  15. JimmyGold

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    CBD hemp oil is made from high-CBD, low-THC hemp, unlike medical marijuana products. CBD oil is a natural, non-psychoactive concentrate extracted from hemp. Used on its own as a dietary supplement. Its perfect to reduce pain
  16. blazerwill420

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    Pure cbd hemp oil doing anything "medical" is pure snake oil.
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