R Clarke Video on pests and disease

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    Posted this in another thread but think it should be a beginner's forum or pests and diseases forum stickie.

    It's essentially a classroom lesson on pests and diseases complete with slides from one of the world's premier MJ botanists.

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    Res iv stuck it in Pests and Diseas part of the forum:thumbsup: Theres not much in the way of stickys in that part of the forum so maybe this will spark a few possible pests threads.Cheers Res:ebert:
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    Great video . . . DLing it now and putting it in a folder right in between "Penis" and "Pussy" . . . which is right where a pest usually is . . . That way I can find it easily! :roll:
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    Look to me for some threads on mold in the future :laugh:

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