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  1. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    Been raining 8 straight days didn't get to work 3 days now grass is getting high ground is soaked and the humidity in my grow cabinet is 60% that's the highest it's ever been glad I'm only 4 weeks in flower.-Bud
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  2. Herb

    Herb Mountain Man

    No more rain for me thanks. Just makes all the grass grow more. I've been mowing down 4 foot tall weeds in my pasture the past few days as it is!
  3. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    I hear ya! So wet that webs are beginning to grow between my toes. lol.
  4. Herb

    Herb Mountain Man

    Too bad MJ doesn't grow like rice. :smokin:
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  5. mytwhyt

    mytwhyt Established Healthy Roots

    With an average of less than 4" of rain a year, a day with rain is a spirit lifting reason to take the day off..
  6. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    Ground is finally solidified enough to mow here. First round is always a bitch...this is my second summer in this geographical region, much easier time than I had last year, learnt lots :pimp:

    I tried to go at it a couple weeks ago, that's why it's shorter on the right...I gave up trying to cut wet muck with a rotating blade :roll:

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  7. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    You're gonna need a bigger machine to tame that jungle:surprised:
  8. Herb

    Herb Mountain Man

    I feel ya Goblin. I have a 3 acre pasture I am knocking down right now and the grass is 4 friggin' feet tall and thick AF! It's about maxed out my riding mower. I got some new batts for my camera...I'll get some pics.
  9. Herb

    Herb Mountain Man

    Here ya go Goblin. I stopped at this point because it was just getting to be too much for my mower. Got enough done to call my place 'fire safe' and not be hassled by the forestry dept. The long stretch leading out to nowhere parallels my neighbor's place so I try to give him a fire line but that's about the most I'm doing for him. He's got a tractor with a 6' diameter PTO cutting attachment. If he wants more...he can do the rest himself! Took me 3 passes to get it down to that level. My side (the hill) is done. I'm happy. I just need to weedeat the bit there along the fence and I'm done till next year.

    Pasture 05 21 18 001.jpg

    Pasture 05 21 18 003.jpg

    Pasture 05 21 18 006.jpg

    Pasture 05 21 18 008.jpg
  10. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    Nice digs :pimp:

    I've got a brush hog for our 30hp tractor, but it's blades are about as dull as my thumb from its previous user. It folds over more than it cuts...maybe your neighbor has a better setup.

    I should get new ones and sharpen them for grass, and keep this set for the black berries perhaps

    What works for me is just going super slow with the bagging mower, best this for fence lines is grass clippings. The bagger bins are great to walk along the fence and toss clumps at the base. There's nothing growing under the clippings along my fences that I did last year as proof of concept, the fences my brother in law sprayed with roundup are growing more weeds, just like last spring. I'm sold on the grass clippings...ill get some pics when I'm out and about today

    For our spot, if worse comes to worse I can just rip out whatever doesn't cooperate :roll:

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  11. Herb

    Herb Mountain Man

    Wish I could borrow your Case.....I got a few things that need ripping out.

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