Rapids DIY Vero29 COB lighting

Discussion in 'DIY LED Builds' started by Mrgreengenes, Sep 27, 2017.

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    I got mine now, Mr. G is right about the instructions, thank God for youtube. I am a monkey see, monkey do, when it comes to putting shit together lol.

    Only thing i dont see is why not use the flat end of the rail bars for the top instead of the round part, the driver brackets lay across them, so why not have them lay accross the flat side of the side rails?? Oh well. I am going with what i seen on youtube and what i came back and see here. Lol. I should of drank a beer, wait there is till time. Oh now i see they use the flat side at the bottom to stable the bars for a easyer way to put it together and not be moving around while putting in heatsinks. And end caps. 20171129_221725.jpg 20171129_221531.jpg 20171129_221459.jpg 20171129_221042.jpg
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    So, this 4x4 setup with 12 COBs for $900 draws about 4.2 amps at 120v input and supplies 640w- ish of light? Is that correct?
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    i def wouldnt spend any money on cheap stuff or waste the time testing it. The cree/vero leds are already proven and tested even by members here, Thats how I orignally got hooked up with Rapid. I think the cob is a easy way to go (make your own custom) now a days, i know too many people who bought lights that were cheep with huge claims. that thought they were getting 1000w hps replacment led lights with all these pretty colors in the light and they did one grow and trashed them. They were not even close to a 250w hps and def didnt do the 6 x 6 foot area the company claimed, they also claimed the little colored lights were the same light as cree cobs in preformance and that was not tru. So I would def go with proven led stuff than test claims by no name companys trying to make a buck. Not knocking all the other companies but research should def be done by known or trusted people. Will save you time and money for sure.
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    So hows you cobs holding up Mr.G? I am going to start a thread on mine and transfer my hijack post from your thread. Lol.

    But seriously, have you noticed the tighest node spacing in veg you ever seen with these cobs? I got plants that are not even 5 inches tall and look like a ragged bush. I think its best to trim fan leaves often to let under growth grow wild. I got the light atleast 2 foot up, I think I may have to raise it and maybe lower for flower? Best dam bang for the buck I say. I am doing 8 plants in a 3x5 spot with 5 cobs in a 2x4 rack and I could easily do 10 plants.
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