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Discussion in 'Outdoor Cultivation' started by ken420sara, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. ken420sara

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  2. olyhighlife

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    Not ready yet! She has a while to go.. yes you can harvest without killing plant just leave a few buds, give her veg nutes lights back to 18/6 and she will start growing new branches out of old buds. Looks like she needs some nutrients .. very purple stems .. roots ok?
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    A bit longer

    good luck
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    The only way to know for sure is to get a 30x jewelers loupe to inspect the trich's. You want to inspect the heads of the trichomes you are looking for about 10% amber 10% clear and 80% cloudy or at least the majority cloudy with some amber.
  5. neoublie1987

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    about 50% of the pistils turn orange,red or brown.also when the trichromes are a milky white is when thc is at highest potency.They start clear and fade to milky white and then amber color.If you want a more sativa effect,harvest the plant when trichs are clear-milky white.for a more indica effect,you want to harvest when trichs are amber color.when the buds mature and the trichs are darker amber is when levels of cbd are higher which is better for couch- lock effects and medical remedies.also great in edibles.

    I harvested my plants a lil late and the buds looked a little yellow/amber color from the trichs.I would suggest always waiting another week once you think they are done but dont let them over mature because they will lose potency.also after a good two weeks of flushing,cut off the watering.the buds will shine all its fall colors.letting them dry out signals them flowering season is over and colors come out to try and attract for last minuet chance of pollination before winter. I have also known that keeping the plants in 48 hrs complete darkness before cuttting them down has your buds with higher potency.thc/cbd is at its highest potency in the night.With 48hrs darkness the trichs are oozing for light.
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    good looking plant, love the purple pistils offset by the bright green leaves. very nice. she could def. go another 2 weeks give or take by the looks to me....i like the couchlock, so i tend to run mine plants longer than some would agree....

    edit:just noticedyou were a PA grower. this should be called, so many PA peeps on here, i love it ! grow on people, grow on!
  8. ken420sara

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    ready or not !

    I was figuring another 2weeks, started them in April. Told it would yield in 6mo. Took one bud off 1 month ago, dried and cured. Just caught a nice head high. Looking for couch lock 4sure!!! Not exactly sure what the strain is, thinkin could be purple kush...since i probably bought and smoked 1/2 lb of

    Close to da burgh

    GO PENS!!!
  9. teachmethewayyy

    teachmethewayyy DUBS AND NUGS!!!! VW4LIFE

    Nice, did you end up taking any cuts of her?
  10. silasraven

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    dude how long are the cola's?, whats her name? how old is she? she looks like a sativa i think(research). is it hot there? or mild? the last looks indica. id love to know your strains bro
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    just the one...
  12. ken420sara

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    Not sure...just tossed a handful of assorted seed into a bucket of dirt, whatever grew...grew. Once i could determine sex, removed males. Since i bought alot of purple kush, i believe that is what she is. Indica with hints of sativa. Her name is Ol' Glory!
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