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Discussion in 'Politics' started by nippie, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Consider the audience Nip. He's in FL, the only state in the Union to pass a law requiring a clean drug test before state will issue welfare checks. To top that the applicant is required to pay the $30 for the test out of pocket. Thankfully, the program has been put on hold by the FL courts. Their money saving plan is already $200,000 in the red because only 2% of those tested failed the test. I guess they were hoping to deny payment to about 30% or more applicants. Dirty fuckers!
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    RON PAUL 2012

    RON PAUL 2012

    RON PAUL 2012

    RON PAUL 2012
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    Words from one of the biggest axe men in business. Right Mitt treat us like idiots with your two way talking bullshit

  5. rasganjah

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    Has he ever had to try and apply for medicaid while trying to get his kids to and from school in a 1 car household and get the shopping done with those nifty food stamps, and go to his 2 part time jobs?..... No cuz he's a rich fuck and has no clue what it's like to be poor.
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    SOOOOO this ignorant fuck is saying the middle class american is struggling more than the poor american....this does NOT make sense.I know from experience...

  7. nippie

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    I think it's funny that he is so out of touch...

    I can only imagine the Ads that are going to be running come fall

    Ron Paul all the way, except I think he needs help on some domestic pol (epa, dept of Edu)
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    What this guy said; ditto!
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    Talk about money in politics. Shit, if you take all the last 8 presidents

    wealth combined- from Nixon through the Obamabot- Now you

    are in Romney country wealth wise.

    Just read that his wife has 3 million stashed in Swiss accounts

    that he "overlooked" on his disclosure forms. The Koch brothers

    just had their meetup out in Palm Springs and have got pledges

    of 100 million for him as well.

    Gee, thanks to the supreme court for the Citizens United ruling.

    This country is sooooooo headed down the shitter..

  10. Hank Chinaski

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    What were they thinking?

    Here in Japan there are no political ads on tv at all. But, during election time they drive around in cars with loudspeakers on top blasting themselves out at max volume. That can be pretty annoying too.
  11. rasganjah

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    I saw a thing on TV pretty recently about the Yakuza and how they are sort of like political celebrities in Japan. In magazines and such. How they still control a lot of Japanese neighborhoods and are the ones to settle arguments between business owners and such. Not that it has anything to do with election advertising, but I thought it was interesting that they are public figures with celebrity status.
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    They were thinking to balance the union funding of PACS by allowing the corporate side to get in the game. Much too politically hot to remove the ability of unions to contribute. Dems would scream bloody murder. Sooooooo...we make matters worse by calling corporations "people" for reasons of political expediency. Now both parties have a pile of money that doesn't represent anybody that is supplied indirectly by everybody. Neat trick.
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    HelP Mitt!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im falling wheres my safety net

  14. Hank Chinaski

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    I would take that with a humongous grain of salt, Ras. I don't know when and where that was filmed, but maybe it's a bit old. I have heard the police were fairly lax regarding the yaks before I came, but they supposedly cracked down about 10 years ago or something.

    There is a new law that makes it illegal to do business with any organized crime group and they seem to be pretty serious about enforcing it.

    The funny thing to me is that these yakuza groups are organized like companies with rosters and everybody has business cards, etc... Wouldn't it make more sense to be a bit secretive? This conversation keeps playing in my head:

    A: I can't do business with you because you are in the mafia.

    B: No, I'm not. What do you mean? Prove it.

    A: It says so right here on your business card.

    B: Doh!
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