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    "Parchment is made with bleached white and unbleached brown paper. Since the bleached paper might contain toxic dioxin, it's better to use the unbleached parchment paper if you use it."

    This in pursuit of info regarding the possible contaminates in rosin from parchment paper.

    I'm kinda stuck on this idea of a "pure" extract. I really like the idea of no solvent. Now the fly in the ointment is a question of nasty chemicals leaching into the rosin from the heated parchment paper. Looking for info on that.

    Disclaimer: i've not made rosin before. I'd like to though.
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    It should also be noted that they do have parchment paper without the shiny silicon coating. It needs to be ordered more than likely, though.
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    "You're right, the boxes never give specifics but if you google the various brands you will find some websites that will tell you. For instance both the Wilton and Paderno World Cuisine brands are silicone coated."

    "Unfortunately, many parchment papers are coated with Quilon, a chemical containing Chromium – a heavy metal – which when incinerated becomes toxic and leaves trace elements behind. The reason most parchment paper is Quilon-coated is the cost, which is substantially lower than silicone."

    OK so now we need the brand name to a parchment paper that doesn't use silicone or quilon. Unbleached too so we don't get dioxin.
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    That shit never hurt anyone, jeez

    Back in my day we drank from the hose

    Actually im pretty interested in this. What the run down of what you want? I may place a call to a couple knowledgable people on monday at work that may know what to use
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    Yeah i know. But my stupid customers don't. You wouldn't believe the BS I've heard about wax. Can't out myself and make corrections. All I want to say is "pure"

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