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    this bucket was used for two years in a second bathroom and it worked great.
    the scrubber shown is a 3gal, from home dePOT. im sure a 5gal would work too. the fan is a 250cfm 120v, found at an a/c supply for $28. the foam, pillow batting, activated charcoal, silicone and cord were all found at wal mart.
    first drill as shown. at your disgresion.

    then trace and cut out the lid for the fan.
    use silicone to seal together. attach cord when dry as shown.
    pillow batting and some stiff foam.
    sit the bucket on the stiff foam and mark, then cut out to match. sometimes i make two.
    use your hand to make a pocket in the foam as shown.
    pour in activated charcoal. use your disgression.

    fluff batting and fill bucket as shown.
    install foam at level to be just above bottom of fan when installed. so it lightly pushes down the fill.
    install lid when silicone is dry.
    align cord properly for your convienence.
    notice airflow direction prior to lid install.
    what your left with is an inexpensive scrubber bucket.
    it works good when hung above your light, or up high.
    as heat and humidity rises and carries the most pungent odors.
    the activated charcoal lasts about 3 months.
    this depends on humidity levels.
    the higher the humidity the sooner you have to change it.
    worked good for me, i hope someonelse can use it too.
    cause you stink!!!

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