Seed Banks that screw with customers

Discussion in 'Strains and Crosses' started by ResinRubber, Jun 28, 2011.

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    I used them not to long ago, very nicely priced. I got an indoor mix of 10 beans, with 5 freebies. A couple concerns I have is that they look like bag beans, pretty small and uninmpressive. Also I have had 4 out of 5 of the freebies-lemon haze- sprout but it has been almost two weeks and they aren't very tall, and no roots are coming out of the net pots yet. Probably my fault on the growth, but my bag beans I'm doing outdoors are only about a week older and are on their second set of nodes. Hopefully they come out ok, you can see the 4 lemons in my hydro if you check out my garden photos. Links under my name. Late!
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    So i ordered from highgrade swwds up here in Canada Any suggestions about getting my order from this company?

    I ordered 15 white widow seeds from this company over a month ago (feb 8th)and I haven't received anything yet.

    I sent them an email on feb 16 and finally on feb 22 they got back to me telling me they couldn't find my order. I sent them the PayPal transaction number on the 22nd on the 23rd they said the seeds would go out Monday. STILL NOTHING.

    I have sent other emails asking and nothing from this company.

    Finally filed a PP claim and still no response from them.

    Any advice on how to get what is rightfully mine from this company would be greatly appreciated. Oh ya i paid $15 for express shipping so i wouldn't have to wait a month.

    P.S. my shipping address is in the same city as their P.O. box so a moth turn around is ridiculous. I guess a lot of the online reviews were right about HGS

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