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Discussion in 'Organic Cultivation' started by queenbud, Aug 7, 2014.

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    I:jj:had a dozen seeds i saved then after sprouting a few i found were males,so i yanked them,my problem is this : planted in early April,but after appearing female I mean theywere showing the charicteristics of being female,they suddenly showed their true little f....balls and i ripped em I have 4 definately females that i been supercropping and expect a good yield...ok,so my question can i succeed in all females next time....or can this be that I have to buy seeds from a supplier!?? Also aren't these seeds genectically processed? But i suppose any time MAN is envolved in their cultivation,they are...:passsit:
  2. bigbudztoo

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    Feminized seeds or take clones from your girls.

    That is the way to guarantee it.
  3. Grown in Tx.

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    Mr Greenjeans is trying a product on one of his pants that makes your plant produce female seeds on which ever bud site you apply it to.
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    There's that or you can treat a branch with colloidal silver, silver thiosulfate, or, gibberellic acid to induce male flowering. Then collect the seeds for next year. Outdoors you're gonna ruin a good portion of the crop to seeds doing this. Just something to think about.

    So, either buy some fem beans (made the same way as above), save a mom for clones, or lose some crop to get some seeds. Lots of choices.

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    If you grow from bagseed it's a total crapshoot what you get - males, females or hermies (showing both sexes - bad the plant germinates itself and makes more worthless hermies seeds).

    To guarantee female plants growing from seed you have to either buy femmed seeds or make your own femmed seeds, as per above.

    To guarantee female plants growing from clones, make sure the mom is a female.
  6. DaBurner420

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    Clones are your best bet. Fem seeds second because of the chance of hermies. It is a shame to bust your butt and resources to end up with males (unless breeding, etc) get away from those reg seeds!
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    There's more than a few of us who would strongly disagree with getting away from reg seed. :passit:
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    ...but the OP is asking about all females
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