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    as for the howz of the short stalky plants:

    in order for a person to really understand this u need to first understand a very simple and basic law of nature.

    "every action in nature is the result of a reaction to an environmental stimulus."


    "if an organism has recieved/gathered/or been subjected to its ideal environmental stimulus, it will produce the end to which it was designed."

    in other words give ur plant what it needs and it will do what its supposed to, and if you create environmental issues the plant will react accordingly.

    so we know that the amount of bud on a HEALTHY plant depends on the size of its root mass. so from the first day u need to grow your plant to have as large a root ball as possible. this means start with as small a pot as possible and replant to slightly larger pots only after the plant has utilized all the space available. i transplant as many as 6 times and end up in a 6" pot, very small increas each time...the root mass develops on the outside of the soil in the pot, very little root develops in the soil itself in comparison. in nature the plant wants its roots spread as far as possible in order to pick up as many nutrients as possible. but being that we "give it food" in a central location the vast expanse of roots we can create an environment that causes the plants roots to grow dense in a smaller area

    we also know that as the plant grows the lower foliage looses its ability to capture light due to the foliage developing above a result the plant stretches to reach the light... so i makes sence to a:keep the plants short or b: make the plants lay down so that nothing covers anything else. to keep the plants short i use flos for veg. flos can be as close as well touching sometimes...sometimes just needs to be a hair width away,,,,with proper ventilation.

    by keeping the lamps close in the highest amount of lumens leaving the bulb is absorbed by the plant. when the plant is getting sufficient light and is in a cool environment it has no reason to stretch out.

    and thus...tight internode spacing

    this plant is a reveg...notice the deformed/non-serrated leaves...


    tying plants down to the rim of their container can essentially create a sea of green with one large plant...

    or in this case 3 large plants...large for a 250W HPS...


    i also pinch n twist the stems once a week, this keeps the stem notted n strong and reduces vertical growth, without reducing root growth to any discernable degree.

    i continue this until after the plant has been in flower for about 2 weeks. AFTER the first 2 weeks of flower...i stop pinching... as the plant rebuilds itself from the dammage...vertical growth through the "stretch" is reduced to a minimum.

    and if all goes relatively well you can have this...6" pots...12-18" plant height...


    the ones on the right are AK-47...sativa...supposed to be lanky and tall...NOT...these are all at the very end about to be chopped...yummy time!!!

    Be the master of the grow...create as you wish it to be through environmental stimulation....

    Happy Growin' :pimp:
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    " i transplant as many as 6 times and end up in a 6" pot, very small increas each time."

    This is nice to know, and contrary to what I've read somewhere else (can't remember, but it's irrelevant). It does make sense. When you go to the garden center and buy any kind of thriving plant with luscious blooms, one of the first things you notice when you go to tranplant it, the roots are one big (and happy) mass. So, I was surprised when I read it's best to only transplant one time to a large (at lest 3 gallon I believe is what I read) cantainer because marijuana plants do not like their roots bunched.

    Let's say some first time grower recently goofed (10 days ago) and put his happy plants into containers that he's learned are too big. These are beautiful happy plants that have responded postively to everything so far, and are in early flowering stage. His gut says they would love to go back into something smaller to finish their cycle even though their roots would be put through some unusual re-bunching. Would you tell him to leave them, or go back to a smaller pot? He realizes you can't predict the outcome, merely use your past experience and acquired knowledge.


    edit: Maybe I'm too impatient, or just confident there will be no adverse affects, and possibly positive ones. Regardless, I couldn't wait, and have them back in smaller pots. Will keep you informed on outcome.
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    These images should be linked to the old GK garden, can I fix this somehow?
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    Some Links got messed up in the website site transfer to new host.
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    With coco/perlite, in a 4"x4"x4" container going up to a 1gal pot,, i spread the root ball so it covers the width of the 0ne gal pot, and low enough to be covered with 1 1/2 - 2" of soil mix..
    When i bump the root filled 1 gal pot up to a 3-5 gal pots, i do the same thing again.. Holding the root ball in both hands, I push my fingers half way into the roots and spread them out to cover as much of the 2/3 soil filled larger pot as possible... Cover the roots and water in with about the same strength as in the smaller pot was getting..
    I aim for a shorter plant because i prefer growing in a scrog screen... One light, one plant... I have not found a lazier way to grow pot, and believe i've looked around..

    All of these plants were topped only one time at about 8".. The shorter plant was achieved by pulling the, soon to be, colas, back down under the screen when they were long enough to be moved over to the next hole in the screen...
    After 12/12 you may need to pull a few more back down to a new hole...
    Growth is strain specific after 12/12, and a plant only will only grow as much as it's genetics tells it to, and all terminal growth will be flowers ..

    This thread is an attempt to keep a single clone short... It was determined to keep on growing despite my efforts to keep her down...
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    outboard control surfaces operate as elevons

    Example of tight internode spacing

    Ak47 post flush, about to be chopped. Not tall or lanky

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