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  1. budbox

    budbox workin things out

    i got a slime looking substance on my clones that ive just taken they are in a diy bubblecloner with a fishtank heater and bubblestone only a lil superthrive in the water adn i used shults powdered rooting hormone. ill try and get some pics tomorow. and word on that?? bout to go party so ill check back tomorow for replies i apreciate it cause its that purple permafrost
  2. budbox

    budbox workin things out


    i need some advice on this becuse i dont want to loose all my clones so i would really apreciate some help
  3. TheCarpenter

    TheCarpenter member

    With a bubble cloner, you don't need anything but RO water and a few drops of superthrive. The slime is probably coming from the shultz. Change your water out, and you should be just fine. Keep your water fresh with a bubble cloner. Is your bubble area blacked out?
  4. budbox

    budbox workin things out

    no light leaks

    thats what i was hoping to hear because the only place the slime is is where i out the shults so that makes sence. thanks 4 the help.

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