So what's the scenario in your neck of the woods?

Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by Psycho D, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. CCrete

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    that's pretty much why im not down with legalizing, decriminalizing YES!!!
  2. rasganjah

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    With legalization come many more good things than bad. It's a plant and it has no business being illegal. If you are gonna sell ganja then you should be held to a certain standard with oversight on quality control. Recreational or medicinal. The problem I see with legalization will be that the government will want to get too involved and tax it like tobacco. It'll be very difficult for smalltime growers to make a living against huge big marijuana farms that can afford the taxes due to the volume they can produce and move. The government and major corporations will profit the most from legalization, just like they do now but it'll be legal and come straight outta everyone's pocket the same as it always has. Instead of our taxes funding a phony war on drugs it'll fund other shady things. That is the real issue with legalization from my standpoint. Big business will drop the quality and increase quantity driving down the price. The small guys will have to be like microbreweries and produce a higher quality product.

    Thing is there will always be a market for cheaper mediocre ganja. People will buy it based solely on price. Some people that smoke heavily don't care about flavor if it costs more. They just want something relatively seedless that they can roll blunts with all day.

    Just like some people drink shitty mass produced pisswater beer, some people will always buy shittier ganja. Just makes the folks growing the dank have to stay on top of your game. I still get decent prices for my meds even in a saturated market cuz I produce higher quality than a lot of the people in my area.

    Things are a changing though. Once legalization goes federal on some level, and it will. Things are gonna change very rapidly in the marijuana industry. It'll go from what was once a multi million dollar, essentially mom and pop industry to amulti billion dollar big corporate industry.

    You think that there are a lot of strains now, wait 'till it's federally legalized and big corporations get involved in breeding and holy crap I'm on a ranyt. Sorry. Anyway I think you get the drift of what I was saying. :passsit:
  3. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    shit you're just like me and your know it, just further up the river....if someone ever gave you shit about a "stem", you'd laugh, get out a scale and show them that whopping .000001 grams that they are losing.

    I just prefer the looks of it like we do it midwest style. maybe it's me, but even when when I was buying bags I preferred just a few nice fat colas to fill my sack. I lose the gram of stem and not even think about it

    Unless you are saying you are taking it down that far also....then I think your neck of the woods may be slightly different...but I don't think so, let me know how far off base I am
  4. TheApprentice

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    Same kinda thing over here. If iv (hypothetical me,not real me) got a bar of hash to sell then theres no rush to buy it from me.If i say its nederhash then iv got buyers all of a sudden and the price is going up.Crazy shit. Same with the weed,throw Dutch in front of whatever your selling and the same dumb ass folks will queue up to buy Dutch weed when in reality its homegrown in a London highriser:tvlaugh:
  5. MrAstro

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  6. CCrete

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    no that's not my opin, its just what a paying "legal" person who is using the pot for their "medical" needs is going to want, what use is a stem of anysort ??? you know theres a few asswipes that would pile up a ton of stems and go back to a dispensary and ask for the stem weight back in smokeable buddage

    I literally have NEVER had anyone complain about anything I've given them, only complaint is theres not more of it when they want it sometimes, the need here is endless almost
  7. ResinRubber

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    If it were legal and I could make 60k-100k a year with 8000w's selling $1600 pounds? I'd do it just for the relief of not looking over my fucking shoulder all the time. But'll be go big or go home for most growers. Fine by me. I just want decent legal weed and less people with their lives fucked up by Prohibition.

    Stems...remember, big stems carry big buds. There's a market out there that pays extra for big buds. The impression factor of pulling out a 14+ gram cola surrounded by 5+ gram buds when your toking with the boys is one a lot of guys pay for. Drawback is lots of stems. True med users are too smart for that though.
  8. rasganjah

    rasganjah True Ganjaman

    Some strains just don't grow huge colas. My OG is more of a Golfball nug structure. All available stem is taken out because in a saturated market you can't give them anything to complain about. Believe me if they think complaining about too much stem or too much leaf cuz of a poor trim will save them some money they will badger you about it until they get a better deal. Also most of the medical consumers are buying 1/8's and 1/4's and no more. Lots of them are buying individual grams on a daily basis. Hard to sell a gram or two when all your buds are 5+grams. I get some decent colas but when I trim I cut them down as soon as the bud is no longer a completely solid bud all the way around the stem. Any exposed stem and that's where the bud ends and starts getting cut down to smaller individual buds. Whenever I see those buds that are all left on the stem beyond where the bud stays solid I always know they are form a home grower and not a commercial guy. Outdoor you see a lot of huge chonger buds but indoor you get a lot of more tight, dense small buds.

    CC- You're right about some people being like that. Believe me in states like Cali we have Weedmaps and 420 Finder and they have a review system and if a delivery service or dispensary gets a rep for giving a lot of stem or leafy buds or too dry of buds or too wet of buds or too this or too that those reviews go up and are seen by everyone and people lose business. Believe me if you go to a dispensary and buy an Oz of some top shelf it will contain some larger buds for sure.
  9. rasganjah

    rasganjah True Ganjaman

    For sure. To make things worse I pay my electric bill in full. Lots and lots of growers even here in a Medical state are stealing power to increase profit in a down market. $700-$800 per month in electric plus soil, plus nutes, plus pesticides, plus equipment maintenance, plus odds and ends adds up really quickly. I'm still in the red 5 months since starting back up.
  10. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Folks hitting that daily gram or two shit are lost on me. In non-legal states you either grow and sell quantity, or, you sling bags. Doing both is a sure fire way to get popped. It's all market dependent anyway. In highly regulated areas where there are med competitors the norm will be tightly trimmed nuggs. If you're in a market where husky bag appeal is king you go big chunky buds. Has nothing to do with the final quality of the toke. Big chunky Lemon Thai grown well in the midwest smokes the same as tiny trimmed nuggs of Lemon Thai grown well in Cali.
  11. rasganjah

    rasganjah True Ganjaman

    Truth, Seen Rasta. Good ganja is good ganja. I grow dank like you gzorw dank like we all grow dank. I bet we would all LOVE each other's buds!

    Blessed be! H.I.M Selassie I, JAH!, RAS-TafarI! Livity!

    One Love,


    Blessed be his children, One and All.

  12. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Zactly. :passsit:
  13. Midnight Garden

    Midnight Garden Excommunicated

    There is a saying in sales "the sizzle on the steak". Calling it cali grown is just the sizzle on the steak. You take a good grower here and a good grower in a non med state, give them the same cut and you'll get the same weed. When you market that weed the one that was grown here will get more money if sold in the same market as the other one just because it was "cali grown". Now take the same two bags and call the other one cali grown and watch what happens, more money! It's all marketing hype.
  14. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    truth right there....not that I know anything about it, but that's the truth. You dime bag shit out and you go to prison, there's a flow chart most of us follow around here....

    from "my understanding" this is basically how it goes (and how the cops look at the value when they announce a bust)

    grower produces 1 lb sells for $3.2k ish to middle man 1 lb = $3200 = profit of $2500 by talking to one person and doing a lot of work

    middle man takes lb and breaks it down to 4 qps @ 1k each 1 lb = $4000 = profit of $800 by talking to 4 people

    wanna be middle man takes qp and bags it out @ 300-350 a bag 1 lb = $4800-5600 = profit of $200-400 by talking to 4 people

    street slinger buys bag and quarters it out @ 100-125 quarter 1 lb = $6400-8000 = profit of $100-200 by talking to 4 people (one is always a cop or informant sooner or later)

    risk vs reward...

    now a grower could quarter his shit out, mass money to be made, but he would last about a harvest and be in prison after that

    anyone ever read Freakonomics about crack dealers?
  15. CCrete

    CCrete Mr. Poopyfacepeepeehead

    1 dude takes it all, always, that's it, no more no less, no traffic, 1 time a month, 12 times a year, bingo bang-o boing-o, best way to do it if possible
  16. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    Bump for a second reminder everyone
  17. Lvstickybud

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    As far as I know, it's all just based on speculations and what-ifs. Where all on computers. I might just be a 10 year old playing on my dad's computer. Who knows what is said on this or any other site is "real"?
  18. friendlyfarmer

    friendlyfarmer Rollin' Coal

    I think the idea is not to draw the wrong kind of attention to the site. The commercial end of the cannabis world is not the main focus of grow kind. The main focus is growing, or pretending to grow. It ain't

    I myself just copy all these pics and posts from some other dudes threads.....
  19. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    One of the best studies done on illegal market structure. Great book and a simple read if anybody is interested. Not technical at all. Levitt takes a pretty interesting view into most of his research.

    Yup. It's all about exposure.

    There's a reason most guys don't tap into the $600 an ounce soccer mom/dad crowd around here. Jail ain't worth the extra $6K a pound. They'd be the first to snitch if caught with a stash in the glove box.

    Risk Child Services coming to your home, losing your cushy job, embarrassment at the local PTA, losing any State or Federal licenses for employment....or.....drop a dime on who sold you the weed. Anybody wonder what choice they'd make?


    MG- Yer right...we're treading pretty close.
  20. BongRippa

    BongRippa Full Flowering

    My state has decriminalized cannabis this year. As long as your possessing under an oz its a $150 mail in fine that is treated like a traffic ticket.

    Slightly reduces the snicthing factor.


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