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    Swim has a Panasonic speaker that is blown. Swim wishes to turn it into a grow box. What all does swim need to do to turn one speaker box into a grow box? Is it as easy as take the speakers out put something reflective covering on the inside? Swim knows not to use tin foil. Then start the grow process? This will be swims first grow. Swim is going to be using CFLs. Whats a good soil to use?
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    Swim Could Always Buy Speaker Grow Cabinet

    Heres A Pre Fab " SPEAKERBOX " Growbox

    All Misleading ( Or Inspiring Images Have Been Removed ):puke:

    Images Do Speak Volumes Though :wink:

    T Minus #2 ( Three Striker )

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    Delete #1

    Deleted - Disinformation#1
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    Joe none of those pics are "speakerboxes", all of those are full sized cabinets besides the computer tower mini grow with the 70W HPS. And where did you find that last cabinet made from hemp pulp? I haven't seen it advertised any where as that.


    swim I suggest you spen a lot of time reading the faq so you do it right the first time. For your CFL's you may want to buy them from www.1000bulbs.com they have high actual wattage CFL's that screw into normal medium sized sockets. Tons of people like fox farm soils. Roots organic and black gold are also good brands that are pretty common.
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    The Secret Garden Is Made From Hemp Pulp ( Believe It Or Not )

    I Work U.K Expo's For Homebox ( Eastside - Impex ) :wink:

    They First Showed Up @ The 2007 Uk Hemp And Hydro Expo In Telford , England

    Anyways ; Speakers :wink:

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    Hmmmmm............third person lingo.....sure your name isn't Jimmy??


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