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Discussion in 'Outdoor Cultivation' started by budblower10, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. budblower10

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    hey guys. im not sure if this is going to soound understandable, but ill try lol because its a question that i would love answered. on choosing a spot, what do you look for. my main problem last year was that i planted in woods and they got no sun and died. so straight woods are out of the question, right? Then what about a field. well, obviously, that cant work b/c of easy detection. i then used a field with those tall, thin plants that are lil taller than a human - but they arent trees with a canopy, so they dont block the sun. you sort of have to weave through them (forget their name?) so that worked well, but its only a little area. now with more plants, i want to find somewhere else, but not sure of what to really look for. i have an large gerneral area selected, but how do i go from parking the car up the street to finding a "perfect" undetecable spot. how do you guys select yours? I have heard "find where no one else would ever go and use other plants to camo" but what do your spots look like? is it in a field, forest, train tacks, etc.? I hope this is understandable, thanks alot guys i appreciate it
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    dont take the risk of growing anywhere outdoors unless you own the land or live out in the middle of bum fuck.

    spend a couple bucks and buy a HPS light and stay inside.

    if you do grow outside then your taking a big risk of being seen.

    if I tryed to grow outside i would only operate at night.

    use other plants for camo, good

    not much else you can do.
  3. trillions of atoms

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    southern facing slope- plenty of sun, mulch area after digging holes and admenting with perlite good soil and lime.

    water when needed if every day.

    good luck.
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    just out of curiosity...why face on a south slope? what do you mean by that...plant on the side of a hill that is facing south? Sorry i just dont understand this concept. thanks alot
  5. trillions of atoms

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    thats the side that gets the most sun, the north side is shaded. ever notice how moss grows on the north side of trees? thats why.....moss grows in shady conditions. and in the summer when the earth rotates, the sun in turn is changing the path that where it "rises" and "falls" in comparison where the US is at.... ever notice in winter that the sun doesnt get very high in the sky??

    im assuming your in the northern hemisphere .
  6. HillbillyHemp

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    Pine thickets work really well if the pines are short, say 12ft or so or shorter. Stay away from heavily hunted or visited areas if possible.

    You would be amazed at how well planting along side country roads works. Not right out in the open mind you, but around other plants that camo your plants. People don't seem to notice vegatation as easily as man made things.

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