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Discussion in 'Strains and Crosses' started by Randy High, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Feel free to add a report on strains you value.

    There is a template in the Strain Guide Sub-forum

    Fill out what you like.

    Myself I look forward to the Comments part and a nice picture.

  2. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    The work in progress.... It'll take a while to build an extensive collection,etc...

    Yeah like randy states theres something for everyone in the reports whether its a yield rating you wanna know about or growers or tokers comments like randy says.

    I know it is early days and is still a work in progress,im currently by hand typing in a huge list i got from my local seedshop of all the best seedbanks and breeders and strains,etc so there are many strains to be added to the database.There is also a thread in progress which will highlight certain strains that most ppl have grown and tried and go into description whether they have medicinal properties,etc.It would be good to see a few of you who iv seen complete some nice grows doing reports on them when you have the time.Also the smoke report isn't for what strain you need to be growing at the time,it can be a report on a strain you smoked months ago,as long as you can remember,lol.Peace and Cheers:potleaf::smokin:
  3. flowmasterhigh

    flowmasterhigh Up and Adam Barney Farm

    looking for strains that do certain things

    like the best for anxiety, giggles, aches,and just about anything you can think of
  4. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    big bang for anxiety?

    Check out ther sub forums,they are all growekind members reviews of strains that they have either toked or grew and general comments,it helps but at the end of the day each toker likes their own kinda stone but they are very helpful IMHO.Cheers:potleaf:

    ps: For anxiety(i get valium for it for example) i find that GHS big bang does the same for my anxiety as valium does so all the better to be toking it,i got 5 female seeds for £30 at my local seed shop from greenhouse seeds.Cheers:jj:

    Also happyhappyhighguy did a huge compilation in the sub forums and medicinal forums of strains that are or help specific conditions,etc,hope this helps.:redbong:
  5. Hawaii 50

    Hawaii 50 Veggy Stage

    is it ileagal to send seeds in the mail
  6. friendlyfarmer

    friendlyfarmer Rollin' Coal


    nope. perfectly legal all 50 states
  7. friendlyfarmer

    friendlyfarmer Rollin' Coal

    where's this info?

    Maybe I'm just really high, but....where's the info, or the link to it? I'd love to read about the differences in effects and properties of various strains. I have a few ailments that need a script, which would be fun to fill with my own pharmacy.
  8. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    I'm usually pretty "up" on current law's, politic's, etc., but that's new's to me!

    Mailing, possessing seed's is legal in The United State's?? One of us is confused :icon_confused:
  9. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    I think somebody as been smoking too much good shit. I wish it was legal.-Bud
  10. NeonLights

    NeonLights Excommunicated

    It is in NO WAY legal to send seeds in the USA. it is ILLEGAL. If ya dont believe it go to most seed sites and read the shipping info and see how many say they DO NOT ship to the USA. Some places do and there are plenty of people on here that have had their seeds taken by customs. Again it is ILLEGAL to send seeds to the US and in the US.
  11. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Check out the medicinal strain list in med section by hhhg

    Check out the medicinal part of the forum for a FULL list ,sources and properties of all med strains...also we have a strain database thats a work in progress in the strains sub forums.:potleaf:

    EDIT: BTW it is soooooo illegal to send seeds to the USA,in the UK seeds are perfectly legal and can even be maile3d around the UK or certain euro states but NOT the states:eusa_naughty: Thats bad advice even if joking!
  12. mikebell

    mikebell Germinated

    what happens when customs takes ur seeds?
  13. Moonrocker

    Moonrocker Germinated

    'Well, I'd say'....

    After finding your seeds, they'd take em' home, grow em' and smoke em'.:wav:
  14. friendlyfarmer

    friendlyfarmer Rollin' Coal

    Just so the record is clear, I was kidding.

    How about this? If possessing small quantities of marijuana is legal (stress on possessing, not selling or mailing), and buying any quantity of marijuana is illegal (stress on the is), then logically the only way to obtain marijuana (legally) is by growing or by gift. And who gives this shit away? Therefore, marijuana growing and seed possession are legal.

    If viewed as a logically deductive argument, the argument would be valid....

    Allright allright, but seriouisly. I think several state's laws base penalties for possession, in part, on thc content. Also, it is legal to possess small quantities of marijuana in various states, and I would assume such laws would consider mj seeds to be mj. If so, possession of the seeds would be legal.

    NOT mailing. But possession, yes in some states.
  15. smokin_75

    smokin_75 loving it up in smoke...

    new comment, OLD POST... marijuana laws

    I would just like to note, that in the US states where it is "legal" to do this or that in terms of marijuana... The state can pass pretty much whatever law they want, BUT it is still ILLEGAL on a Federal level. This is because the Federal Government (i.e. Congress) has NEVER passed any laws legallizing posession, cultivation, or use of marijuana. THIS is why, if you read news and magazine articles about California growers and Medicinal Marijuana stores and users of Medicinal Marijuana, you will see how the D.E.A. and FBI and sometimes Homeland Security along with ANY government agency that takes interest in it, regularly goes into these places and peoples homes and stores and CONFISCATE EVERYTHING they have. Sometimes thousands of dollars in equipment and plants. Then they leave them alone for 6 months or a year or more then come back.

    NOW, these people and stores SELDOM get in "much" trouble, BECAUSE it is "legal" in California law to do these things. The US government has to harass these people or it would be the same as Congress legalizing it.

    I'm not lying... CHECK IT OUT!:shocked:
  16. scorpion

    scorpion Catalyst


    Why is Mj Illegal in some places and not in other... this to me is bull, How can it be both in the same country's? isn't that wrong! WTF is so wrong with Mj ( in the gov't eyes) and who are they to say I cannot consume my Tomatoe's ! or anything else... the way i see it it's about control....they want their cut of the pie! I think that if you grow it, you should have the right to consume it, not have some Fn suit tell you you can't do us money now! What a bunch of bullshit....their is a difference between possession, and pos/ intent....who are they to say what i can do in the privacy of my home! If I'm not bothering ANYONE, then WTF is the big deal...the Gov't makes us all criminal's ( where it's illegal) for doing what we enjoy. Mj is a wonderful, beautiful, creation with so many benifits and not too many neg's....The more i learn the more i realize, There is so much that this one plant can do for us many to list! It covers a broad spectrum of ailments, clothing,food...Wow, How could a gift from the Gods be Illegal??????
  17. gumby11

    gumby11 Germinating

    seeds legal?

    ask marc emory you can text him in jail.
  18. HappyHappyHighGuy

    HappyHappyHighGuy dreamer and misfit

    You're preaching to the choir. Once the US changes the schedule I classification the world will follow.
  19. Bje4201

    Bje4201 Vegetating

    Has anyone grown lemon haze? I got 5 free ones in an order and have them going right now. I've searched and looked but all I find is super lemon haze which is not what I have. Or did I get ripped by the Seedbank?
  20. vapordon

    vapordon Germinating

    Any kind of sativa is where its at.

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