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    #1-Strain:> GHS Superbud

    #2-Appearance:> Short Stocky plant. These are indica plants. Short with very fat leaves. Growth is slow.

    #3-Taste:> Citrus at first with very little after taste. Taste doesn’t hold out as much as the smell promises.

    #4-Aroma:> Its citrus, but just what type of citrus I’m not sure.

    #5-High/Stone type:> It’s a body stone. It’s got a great punch, but so does a lot of weed.

    #6-Source:> Greenhouse Seeds

    #7-Price:> 5 fem where at £25ish.

    #8-Potency:> 7/10 It’s strong enough. Very capable of making you sit in front of the TV for a few days. It’s just nothing special. I doubt I could pick it out from a crowd.

    #9-Overall Rating:> 6/10 The smoke is a smoke. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Problem is, is that it’s nothing special. The plant looks great while growing. The buds are huge and dense. You're watching it grow thinking each cola is going to weight 2 oz each. That is what causes you problems. These super colas love to mould up Most of your yield is lost! I’ve grown this out twice now and I’m ditching it. I’ve got more interesting plants to grow. Especially ones that don’t rot!

    #10-Overall Description:> It’s an average indica. Nothing special. It also moulds!

    #11-Would you recommend:> No

    #12-Smokers General Comments:> If you bought this from a dealer you wouldn’t complain, its good weed. But would I grow it? Nope.

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    nice report Skuzzi

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