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    (Ratings out of 10 per # aswell as comments)

    #1-Strain:> Tahoe Alien f2, Breeder - Alien Genetics

    #2-Appearance:> 2 phenos this run. Good bag appeal from both. Pictures below.

    Pheno 1 - 8.5.

    These buds are how I want my bag to look like off the street.

    Pheno 2 - 8:

    The silverish color of these buds catch the eye.


    Pheno 1 - 8: Complete opposite spectrum on the taste scale from pheno 2. Meaty and smooth. Just a dank smoke.

    Pheno 2 - 8: Very floral, my buddy says it tastes like roses smell. Pleases the pallet.


    Pheno 1 - 9: A pungent, skunk smell mixed with pine.

    Pheno 2 - 6: Doesn't smell much. I can break open a full jar and not notice. On the other hand, easy to travel with.

    #5-High/Stone type:>

    Pheno 1: The buzz leans towards the body, and can lead to couch lock quick.

    Pheno 2: A bowl and you feel it behind you're eyes. Then it turns into a head high.

    #6-Source:> Grown by me, purchased from Canna Collective

    #7-Price:> $150 for 15 seeds.

    #8-Potency:> 8

    #9-Overall Rating:> As a whole, 8.5, but Pheno 1 get's a 9 from me.

    #10-Overall Description:> I give this strain an 8.5. Great strain, easy to grow, above average smoke.

    #11-Would you Reccomend:> Yes. Plan on buying another pack or two to go through.

    #12-Smokers General Comments:> While, the phenos lean away from each other, they both are good.

    Pheno 1:


    Pheno 2:


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    Excellent Review man. I remember this strain,did AlienBait not run this strain once too? I'll look forward to all your review Jugg cos iv always thought you roll with interesting strains:pimp:

    I thought i'd add a little...


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