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    SMOKE REPORT(Ratings out of 10 per # aswell as comments)

    #1-Strain:> Tangerine Dream#2-Appearance:> Both dark and light green with some Orange hues throughout. Tight ,dense and compact buds which expand beautifully after grinding. Iv read online about people complaining that the buds were to airy and not compact enough but i can only assume the guy i get it from grows it better than the people iv seen complaining online. The appearance is nice but average and a fair 7/10 fits well#3-Taste:> Very Nice Taste. The citrus taste is noticeably apparent from the minute you take your first pipe or as you spark your spliff. Easy on the pallet and senses is the best way to describe it. It has strength in the taste but not to the point where it overpowers or detracts from the Orange zesty and spice like tastes. One of the nicest tasting strains and an easy 10/10 for Taste!!#4-Aroma:> It has a sweet smelling aroma and the aroma is not overpoweringly strong but you do smell it, nothing pungent,just skunky,citrus like with hints of spice. All in all, very pleasant. Noticeably different from the usual and you definitely know your smoking a Citrus like strain. Although for me personally i could smell a pleasant whiff of spices/skunk through it aswell. Id give the Aroma a fair 8.5/10. One of the nicer smelling Sativas put it that way and you without doubt see where it gets its name from. When smoked in a pipe it fills the air quite quickly with its unique aroma:jj: 8.5/10#5-High/Stone type:> Cerebral. It had a calming almost sedated like edge to the stone even though it has all the standard characteristics you would expect from a decent Sativa Haze like strain. Very nice blend of Sativa/Indica. Im a Sativa lover because i like a thinking stone but also a stone that enables you to go about your business as opposed to Indica strains which bring out the Zombie in me,like the Cheese strains i regularly smoke. The T.D. gives you that Sativa like all round body buzz and cerebral stone ,but it also has a small Indica edge to it which enables you to simply sit,chill and be cool if you dont want to be doing anything. I find the stone one of the nicer and more pleasant stones out of the Sativas i regularly smoke. I would go as far as to say this strain would be perfect for treating Anxiety disorders. Its a feel good strain. You feel positive and with some nice energy and that "inner glow" and warm type feeling you get from a Haze Hybrid. I wouldnt say its the type of strain you would use for sleep issues but it without doubt relaxes you in the way a few beers or some Xanax/Valium would relax you. Thats as good as i can describe it. Easy 9/10 for the stone alone:notworthy:#6-Source:> It comes from Barneys but i bought an 8th of it on the street for £20 ($35). #7-Price:> As above but if you want to buy this strain to Cultivate then Barneys sell it for 70 Euros for 10 seeds which roughly works out around £55-£60 ($90-$100) - http://www.barneysfarm.com/?l=en&i=17#8-Potency:> I would give it an above average ,solid 8.5/10 for potency. It comes on quick (within your first few tokes as you notice the aroma and taste pretty soon afterwards you FEEL it) and lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. Without doubt if i was able to grow then it would be one of my 'keeper' strains in the grow room. [Mother plant/Clones etc] Good buzz,nice stone. Not overpowering in the slightest,highly enjoyable. 8.5/10#9-Overall Rating:> The appearance, taste, smell, & potency means this Sativa ranks high on my points list. Overall i would give it an 8.5/10 leaning towards a 9/10. But this could also be due to my personal preferences for Sativa strains in general and in particular Nevilles Haze. I smoke and enjoy a lot of Amnesia Haze, Super Silver & Super Lemon Haze and i would honestly rank Tangerine Dream my favourite of the aforementioned. Its at worst on a par and at best superior. Im a huge fan of Nevilles Haze(#5) and while i wouldnt neccesarily say Tangerine Dream is more Potent or better than its parent Nevilles Haze,i would say it is on a par and thats a huge compliment. 9/10#10-Overall Description:> A very nice strain,its a hybrid but i would say theres only a small amount of Indica in it. Just enough Indica to take the edge of the overpowering Sativa for people who dont like their weed to be too Cerebral. As i said ,you get all the joys of a Sativa but that little bit of Indica enables you to just chill without your head focusing on 50 different things at once lol. I caught myself going into trance like day dreams often. The buds are dry,dense and smell of citrus and spice. I would love to grow this to see what it grows like because iv read of a few Growers out there who actually say it wasnt the best to grow indoors,so im interested to see it grown by a Growkinder at some point.:passsit: Iv been buying this Tangerine Dream every few months at harvest time for the best part of two years now and it always comes in the same form with all the traits iv previously mentioned. So on that basis and having spoken to the friend who grows it i dont see or hear any negative comments about it being tricky to grow. The friend who grows this Tangerine Dream grows it consistently and constantly along with Psychosis ,a powerful Cheese Indica. The two strains actually compliment each other pretty damn good:thumbsup: 8.5/10#11-Would you Reccomend:> Absolutely. Especially to any sativa lovers and connoisseurs out there. I have no idea what the yields would be like apart from what iv read on reviews but i would no doubt grow it. I also get the feeling it would make some nice concentrate and a good Sativa strain to use for breeding purposes with its Nevilles Haze & G13 parentage. 8.5/10#12-Smokers General Comments:> It comes with a nice Cerebral energy but as iv said its not to much of a "Caffeine Stone",the Indica within takes the edge of the Sativa and makes it quite enjoyable even though the Indica is hardly noticeable. Perfect blend for my tastes.

    Heres Derry from Barneys Farm introducing Tangerine Dream @ The HTCC prior to it being awarded first place.[YOUTUBE]a9L2ZZLgnd8[/YOUTUBE]And heres Tangerine Dream being announced the Winner of the HTCC beating Lemon Haze to take the #1 spot. From recollection im sure GHS's Lemon Haze achieved #1 spot the following year or at the GHS cup. Derry from Barneys accepts the award and gives thanks:cool:[YOUTUBE]-jR4-T5FcTY[/YOUTUBE]The Lowdown on the Winner.[YOUTUBE]Bq8ErOy8z14[/YOUTUBE] Tangerine Dream in the Grow Room.:5magnify:[YOUTUBE]KWhiDQmN9VU[/YOUTUBE]










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    1 GKer has grown it. But he never wrote up a review. No one else ever tried it??

    So what im intersted to know is.... Have any of you guys ever tried Tangerine Dream by BarneysFarm:ponder:

    Theres plenty of reviews of it on other forums and sites but it seems to have been one of them strains that won a cannabis cup but then once the hype died down it faded into obscurity a little. Its been getting grown and sold locally here in the UK for 2 years consistently now by the same person. Every time theres a harvest my names the first one the farmer makes contact with as he knows im crazy for the tangerine dreams. I know a lot of you guys are Indica lovers but where the Sativa lovers among you? Discorilla and me but who else prefers Sats over Indicas? And have you tried the Tnagerine Dream? Or even its parentage G13 haze & Nevilles Haze#5 :ponder:

    A quick search of the forum and the only member i can find who has ever mentioned Tangerine Dream (apart from one previous thread i wrote once) was KaiserPuff back in 2011. At least it was more than a mention though,he grew two Tangerine Dream Plants. Check it out in the thread titled - Kaiser Puff's Franken-closet [

    http://forum.growkind.com/showthread.php?t=42315&highlight ]



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    Never tried it myself. Always wanted to!
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    Its just weird cos usually a HTCC Winner gets around in the space of 3 years but it seems a lot of people on here havent heard of it. I'll be honest i hadnt heard of it until i started buying it from the guy but when i was smoking it a way back i thought it was really good so it didnt surprise me when i looked up and sen the parentage,the awards its won and the potency and grow ability etc. Taling about these sativa strains has made me wonder though,how many of us like me and you Disco ,who rate Sativas as choice strains above all others. Iv always been a sativa breather. I love a good indica but if its a straight choice then sativa for me. I thin im gonna start a poll to find out what the rest of GK would tae if they were told they could only smoke one strain from now on,what would it be:ponder:

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