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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by I_AM_GIZMO7414, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. I_AM_GIZMO7414

    I_AM_GIZMO7414 Developed Alternating Nodes

    well awhile ago i had said i would put pics up sorry there're so blurry all i had to take pics was a phone and there will be more coming any input and advise you all have will be much appreciated thank you kindly GKers untitled.JPG

  2. 420kitty

    420kitty Just Chillin

    looks nice n healthy so far man
  3. DaBurner420

    DaBurner420 This Line For Rent.

    If your not already, maybe you should begin giving it a lil nutrients.

    Looks nice and healthy :ebert:
  4. AlienBait

    AlienBait Custom User Title

    Like DaBurner said, looks like it needs a little fertilizer. :)
  5. I_AM_GIZMO7414

    I_AM_GIZMO7414 Developed Alternating Nodes

    what would be reccomended by you GKers to fert it with??
  6. phatkojak

    phatkojak Developed Alternating Nodes

    I personally using FoxFarms - but there are hundred of different ones out there, just depends which one you feel most comfortable with. Let them dry a bit before your next watering and then feed them with a 1/2 strength nitrogen based fert - they will love you for it.

    One word of advice, use water that you know has no extra stuff in it and check your PH. Buying water at the store works great - usually only around 25 cents a gallon for good RO water.

    When I had trouble early on, it was likely due to my PH being a little too low. I never checked it after adding the fertilizers and it can drop the PH quite a bit. The you end up having the nutes locked out as the PH is out of their good range for nutrient uptake.

    You are on your way. Keep it up. They always tell you what they need, you only need to listen.

  7. I_AM_GIZMO7414

    I_AM_GIZMO7414 Developed Alternating Nodes

    ty verymuch for the info do you know how much fertz usally cost so i can manage my budget alil im trying to go low cost but still good
  8. Hawaii 50

    Hawaii 50 Veggy Stage

    try foxfarm,good stuff.the grobig here is 15.00. same with the its at ace hardware.start with that then youll nede some beastie bloomz, and cha ching there about 20.00 each, and i got them at the orchid store.

    shipping will kill you, so try to find it local.
  9. I_AM_GIZMO7414

    I_AM_GIZMO7414 Developed Alternating Nodes

    ok ty very mucho ill think i can fit that into my budget right now i was just using tap water letting it sit for 3 days but tyvm

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