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    #1-Strain:> Vortex (RomulanXSpace Queen) 80/20 sativa dominant #2-Appearance:>9 Nugs aren’t very dense. Not a heavy yeilder. #3-Taste:>8.5 Longer cure will bring this up for sure. Tastes fruity and spicy. Kind of like peppered fruit candy. #4-Aroma:>9. I don’t get the baby poo smell the breeder stated. Very incense and over ripened fruit smell. #5-High/Stone type:>Fast hitting cerebral high that lasts a couple hours. No couch lock, but when you’re ready to relax or sleep it will let you. I cleaned my kitchen and repainted the baseboards just because. #6-Source:>Clones. Mom was from seed. Most seed banks have TGA gear. It’s also in a few So Cal dispensaries. #7-Price:>Grew my own #8-Potency:>9 #9-Overall Rating:>9 #10-Overall Description:>My new favorite sativa dom. #11-Would you Recommend:>Hell Yeah! #12-Smokers General Comments:>Weather you’re a sativa or an indica fan, you’ll like this hybrid. Triples in height the first half of flowering. Super crop early in veg or she'll be growing into your lights. Grows tall spear shaped buds that look terrible until the last two weeks when they start plumping up. Breeder says 55-60 days. I think 65 is a minimum. Very light green color with bright orange hairs. Very frosty. Mine was grown in an ebb and flow flood table using RO water and Useless’ GH three part formula. 600 watt HPS. I also used ProTek silica and Sugaree sweetener.


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    I had to add another picture. This is by far the best I've ever grown and I'm really geeked out over it.


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    :eusa_drool: :new_shocked: :eusa_drool: :icon_cheers:

    you didn't list if you licked them before you poured the sugar on or did it stick by itself?
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    Another one who's been using Mr.GJ's flocking rig.

    Damn fine looking harvest JR. thank for the report too

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