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Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by Justcheckingitout, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    I ordered some Sensi seed Northern Lights from attitude today. After all I read on the net, good and bad, I figure I would write my own review of the company.

    Here are a few things I can say about them now,

    They have a very big selection of breaders and seed choices.

    They do world-wide shipping. Great because I am in the USA.

    I was able to purchase with a credit card and the transaction went thru ok with no problems.

    They have a 10% discount using "420" code during checkout.

    They are sending me two free Fem seeds with my order. 1. MK Ultra, 2. Underdawg OG. That's about $28 in free seeds. COOL!

    The offer several different shipping options.

    They offer single seed deal's also, so you can mix and match what you want.

    I am now waiting to see how long my order takes and if it comes complete and then will see how the seed's look, germ and grow. I will share all that as it happens.

    So far, so good. :thumbs-up:
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  2. dlr42

    dlr42 King of GrowKind

    I have ordered for The Attitude lots of time. Shipping can take 7-14 days depending on where you live. I'm in Fl and it has taken more than 14 days in the past.

    Don't start to panic until after 14 days.

    I have have had germination issues before. But that could have been caused by many different things. Operator error is always at the top of my list.

  3. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    I guess since I'm in FL too, it's going to be a while...:new_popcornsmiley:
  4. Boa

    Boa Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Im sure it will go through fine... Cant wait to see the grow man...
  5. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Watch out for old stock and germination problems. The breeder replaced a bad batch I got some time ago. The "tude can suck my dick. They sent then some cheap ass shitty fem seeds that hermed as a replacement and washed their hands of it. They never gave me a replacement of the rather expensive pack I originally ordered. The guys at Ace Seeds stepped up and sent out a fresh batch when I let them know the "tude was carrying bad stock.
  6. friendlyfarmer

    friendlyfarmer Rollin' Coal

    Yeah I have a drawer full of t-shirts I can't wear anywhere but a GK meet n greet. I've had good luck with the 'tude and the gear has been as advertised.
  7. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Im no breeder but maybe useless will see this but I have also heard seeds being to fresh to germ.

    Esko sent me some beans a while back. He asked what I wanted and when I told him his bb he said I would have to wait as tgey were to fresh and he didn't want germination issuss
  8. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    I hope the shutdown they had a week or so ago for "worker training" got most of the stuff in order around there. I heard rave reviews and some very bad ones. As with everything, no one is perfect and they are just the middle man. They look to be a good rep company. It seems their customer service is not so good thou. I am keeping my fingers crossed. :popcorn-2: Can't wait to show the grow also.

    I did extensive research on the Northern Lights and Sensi seeds seemed to have the closest original strains, the NL I ordered from Sensi Seeds was the NL1 X NL2 X NL5. Hopefully the best of all worlds.

    I wanted to ask about the freebie seeds I am getting with my order also, I did some reading on them but nothing on how they clone? Has anyone dealt with the MK Ultra or the Underdawn og? They sound like kick ass strains. OHHH I feel like a kid waiting for Santa to come. At least by Christmass I will be in Veg if everything works out.
  9. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    I just checked and my order was processed and shipped already. :coolbounce:

    Do they come UPS or USPS???
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  10. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    What would I look for as far as checking for "Old Stock"?
  11. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    It don't grow. That's about the only indicator.:bong-2:
  12. Psycho D


    Basically, UV kills beans. Or various other factors.
  13. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer


    Tracking number showed package passed thru NY sorting center yesterday at 12pm. So I figure Thur this week it will be here. That would be 14 days total from order to delivery. Oh my ass is itching!:bong-2:
  14. Bigbud214

    Bigbud214 Ganja Guru Extreme

    I've had no problems with multiple orders from the tude... The customer service is lacking but packaging is discreet. I've gotten all my orders within 7-10 days. I ordered from sannies which everyone raves about but his beans arrived in a card with the beans in little baggies mixed with wooden beads. Half the seeds and beads were crushed when I received them. Sammie said I could have a free pack of anything I wanted with next order. Problem is he now requires a signature for delivery. So ill never order from him again... Oh well just shows you even highly regarded establishments screw the pooch

    Good luck on your grow
  15. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    Out for Delivery

    Just checked tracking number for the 1,000,000 time and Today is the day! Beans will be here shorly. Will see what's in the envelope when it gets here.
  16. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    The eagle has landed!Beans showed up! Here was what was in the package. 5 fem Northern Lights. 1 Free Fem MK Ultra and 1 free Fem Underdog OG. As you can see in Pic the Northern Lights are in sealed breeder pac from Sensi Seeds.




  17. nuggnester

    nuggnester Pot & Poker Enthusiast

    Did you track your package through royal mail the whole way? MKine was dispatched on the 15...received in NY on the 18th..and now nothing. I am only halfway up the EC?

    I cannot remember if it came via UPS or regular mail the last order I made? I got it delivered to a local business and don't know how the owner received the package.
  18. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    Once mine got to NY it took 3 days for anything to show up on the tracking. Then it showed it was in FL thru the local city mail sort and the next day it was delivered. It was exactly two weeks from the time I ordered when it showed up at the door. It came USPS. (US Postal) Unsigned. I used the USPS tracking after it left the UK.

    All of the Northern Lights sprouted, going to plant them tomorrow, will germ the free ones next month.
  19. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    Also use "Black Friday" code on Fri Nov 29th for 20% off order.

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