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Discussion in 'Organic Cultivation' started by Mr. Wakenbake, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. Mr. Wakenbake

    Mr. Wakenbake Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    Nah it's not defeating the purpose with it and if I said that then I was wrong.. COCO is a perfect replacement for peat and is a better one at that.

    My plants are growing at a ridiculous rate in the mix I made..

    As far as the Humic Acid.. the LK should take over for that.. PB is one of the best ferts out there for coco. You shouldn't have any problems man, but remember coco is tricky if used straight.. I would amend it with some dolomite lime as you would with soil. And water it every other day... Just remember though if you use straigh coco you MUST feed/water from early on in life, and it must be done at every watering as there is nothing in the coco for your plants. cept (K) as the stuff breaks down.
  2. delizzitude

    delizzitude moonlight mad scientist

    great stuff

    This is great to see- I have been thinking about starting a batch in a soil-coco mix, but wasn't really sure where to start from.

    Wakenbake- what kind of mixture do you use with your humus-coco-perlite?

    don't mean to steal your recipes, but hey, if it works- right?:eusa_shifty:

    I was out and about the other day and found this spot in the woods with the most ridiculously rich looking humus. I'm going to have to go back some night w/ my trusty shovel. lol
  3. Mr. Wakenbake

    Mr. Wakenbake Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    Basically I used

    1 Block of flushed Sunleaves CLASSIC COCO COIR

    1 40LB bag of Organic HUMUS with added sand

    2 Bags of Perlite

    2Tsp per gallon of Dolomite lime to the final mixture...

    Everything was flushed thoroughly before I mixed it all together.. and nothing that claimed to be a potting soil or top soil went into the mix, and will never again.

    My plants are litterally putting on about a node and a half a day in this mix..

    I adjusted the pH with the lime up to about 6.8-6.9. I also bubble my nutrients up to about 6.8 before watering.

    I use Metanaturals which also has a pH buffer in it, so my pH will take care of itself for the rest of the grow...

    The only time I use my pH meter is to check the nutrients. The medium will take care of it's self with the natural buffering action of the humus and the lime that is there.

    Anyways that's what I use and the plants love it.
  4. delizzitude

    delizzitude moonlight mad scientist

    WnB thanks a million! A node and a half/day? that's got to put a big smile on your face


    I just read through the entire unofficial "official" organic thread-

    that's some really solid info. I think I'm going to do a bit more research on it and try to make a switch to a soil-coco mix. Anyway- thanks WnB and everyone else for all the great info- :notworthy:

  5. geheim

    geheim Excommunicated

    i know mistical swears by this stuff, and I may bust open a few bags of this product this year, it is quiet user friendly I hear.
  6. UrBigBuddie

    UrBigBuddie MEDI-GROWER

    sounding even better my man!!!

    Every time i read this thread, i always come up with new idea's thanks to "MIKEY"(Mr Wakenbake), and always find this thread even more interesting everytime i read some NEW posts made by all the COCO COIR club MEMBERS!!! :) :punk:

    Thank MIKEY my friend, n keep this shit UP mang, as it's getting very interesting indeed and full of advice n TIPS on this new way of growing for me!!!:punk: :) :sign13:

    Thanks, and il keep all of this in mind MIKEY, as its starting to "tickle my FANCY", as im starting a new grow myself now!!! :) :punk:

    Peace Out n Respect,

    UrBigBuddie.......... :) :sign13: :qbluewacko:

    P.S, Keep this UP mang.... :)
  7. Slugg

    Slugg Developed Alternating Nodes

    Lots of Coco info

    Hey everyone,

    I don't believe anyone has posted this, but if so, sorry :icon_confused: .

    At ICMAG there is an entire community devoted to coco with MANY threads....great resource. I hope it helps somone as much as I expect it will help me.


  8. Mr. Wakenbake

    Mr. Wakenbake Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    yes I posted that thread in about the first or second page of this thread.. Thanks for posting it again.. good information shouldn't be lost in the shuffle...
  9. Cabinetgrower420

    Cabinetgrower420 Veggy Stage

    lol i might join when i get goin, ill have updates on this to though

    still waiting for stuff to come in before i get goin
  10. Green Goblin

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    Daaaang, wakin' up an oldie :bigok:

    Lookin' Good!

    Happy Growin' :pimp:
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  11. Thanks Green! I'm excited! :spin:
  12. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    That's Mr. Green :pimp:


  13. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    Plants off to a great start.
  14. Just wanted to show off how my veg tent is setup at the moment and see what y'all think. I'm using cheap $20 dollar duct fans from Amazon. One for pulling out hot air then another pulling in fresh cool air and seem to be working great for this 2x4 tent. At times it gets a lil warmer thank I like (82) so instead of a air conditioner I'm using my tower humidifier on cool mist outside the tent pulling all that cool moisture in and it gets to a cool 75 degrees and on the plus it keeps it nice and humid for my small plants. I wanna add that I also purchased 2 fan controllers for like $7 bucks of Amazon and they work fantastic! When the lights go out it's been getting a I lil cool since it's been getting kinda chilly here and being able to adjust the 240cfm duct fans really helps to keep the temp that I need for the most part. I have a small tower fan blowing just above the plants to give them a nice breeze for movement but not to cause wind burn and another clip fan blowing up towards the light moving what lil heat this T5 puts off (which is also sweet for controlling temps) I added a 3rd fan called power circulator by Honeywell that pivots up 90° to circulate air coming from the light and rising heat. Well just felt like sharing after a good smoke and to see if anyone would make any changes. I'll have my flower tent complete in due time. smoking Banana IMG_20180408_002923.jpg MVIMG_20180408_003112.jpg Screenshot_20180408-005738.png Screenshot_20180408-005704.png Screenshot_20180408-005641.png Screenshot_20180408-005634.png Screenshot_20180408-005629.png
  15. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    Looking good

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