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Discussion in 'Grow Log Forum' started by Discorilla, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Discorilla

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    If you are reading this message, you are only at the beginning of this thread. The reason I have kept this thread going, is because it will show my progress throughout the years to come. I currently have seven plants rooted, and working their way through/into veg (See Veggie). I am also flowering a Magic Kush plant, that is four or 5 weeks into 12/12. I am using a 600w HPS w/ Air Cooled reflector for flowering. This currently sits about 18" above my plant, because any more than this gave my plant light burn. It can be seen in the pictures. The light burn could have been caused by two double CFLs that were also in the flowering room for extra light. The plant seems to be doing alright, though. I have 3 Querkle, 2 BlueberryxTrainwreck, 1 Sour Diesel (Came from Chemo... I checked), and 1 ReCon. I also have 2 Magic Kush trying to root, but that strain is kind of a bitch. Not gonna lie...


    Side of Magic.jpg

    Magic Nug froming.jpg

    One stalk of Magic.jpg

    Magic Kush again.jpg





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  2. ResinRubber

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    Not light burn. Looks like you got a problem or two tho.
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  3. nippie

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    welcome aboard nice girls you have. what ph you running? leaves starting to curl for early flower, unless thats standard...heri always had their leaves dip down like an issue, but never really had one with her
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  4. Discorilla

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    This plant has never been very strong to begin with. It looks a lot better than when I first got it. It has been a work in progress. What kind of problem do you see? I know before I started flowering, I found out that this strain is very nutrient sensitive. I've got about a month left, so any tips to turn this to a monster would be nice.
  5. Discorilla

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    pH has been kept between 5.5 and 6.5. I know that's a huge range, but I don't have an electronic pH meter yet (so I'm going by color atm). My filtered tap water runs about 8.0-8.5, so I always have to use pH down.
  6. Discorilla

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    This is the light burn I was talking about. I forgot to upload it.

    View from top of Magic.jpg

  7. nippie

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    hard to gauge under HPS but it looks as if you have some lock out. Id pick up a cheap ph meter if nothing else as the paper ones are shit IHMO. get the calibration solution also.

    Do your leaves look yellow under regular light?

    PH makes all the difference until flush, but other that that great garden, thanks for the look.

    Also, what are you feeding them girls? You an all natural guy or do you prefer chems with a good flush
  8. Discorilla

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    The leaves are more white than anything, in the bright areas. Looking those symptoms up, gave me either light burn or temp shock as the result. I ruled out temp shock, because the max temp is 86 with them on, and the min temp is 68 with the lights off.

    Once I took out the double CFLs, the plant seemed to respond pretty well.

    As far as food goes, I am currently using CaliMagic, HP^2, and CNS17 for the flowering phase. I was using Tiger Bloom at quarter strength, but it was burning the Magic Kush. I replaced the Tiger Bloom with CNS17 for a lower amount of fertilizer. I will be using just CaliMagic and water for the rest of it. I would prefer to keep it organic nutrients all the way across, so I still need to find something.

    My Vegging plants receive CaliMagic and half strength Grow Big. I add HP^2 every 3 weeks for the root system.
  9. bigbudztoo

    bigbudztoo growin the good stuff

    A good PH meter is essential to growing success. Milwaukee instruments, amongst others , make some good ones. It will save you a lot of grief and guesswork. From your other gear sounds like you are pretty well set up.'

    My dos centavos

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  10. Discorilla

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    Here is a picture of one of the leaves that I pulled off.Also, here is the current light setup over my vegging plants.In total, these lights add up to about 400w.

    white leaf.jpg

    light veg.jpg


  11. SirStynkalot

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    I recognize those CFL fixtures :p

    coming along man! Yeah, that's light burn at the top there it looks like. Like they said, you also probably have a few other problems. Wish I'd given you my old PH and EC meters. The person I gave them to has a really good one and he's using them as backups, so do you want me to see if I can get them back for you? Haven't been used in a year or so though so they might not work properly.
  12. Discorilla

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    If you'd like to, that would be really awesome! Don't wanna be a pain in the ass, though.
  13. Midnight Garden

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    welcome aboard.
  14. Bigbud214

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    welcome and loking good... keep followng the advice you receive here and in no time you will be smoking your own top shelf bud...
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  15. Discorilla

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    Two Days after I made my GK account...There are three things I have done to my room since my last pics were posted. ~The lights were lowered ~ I raised the plants to the lights about 6 inches using the matching plastic container that my plants were in. ~ I rotated my plants around so that the smaller plants could get a little more light to catch up.As for an update to my Kush clones that I am trying to root. I have used two different methods to try getting roots. The first, being a peat moss cube under a two liter pop bottle that I am using as a humidity dome. The other is in a bottle that was filled up with ph balanced water and guano, after it was dipped in Rootone. Turns out the bottle has been the better method. Within three days of going into the bottle, I already have roots beginning to appear at the bottom of the clone. I should have just used this method to begin with...The other picture is of my Querkle. It seems to just be taking off compared to the others.I've also been informed that I need more blue spectrum. Oh to be a farmer without money...






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  16. SirStynkalot

    SirStynkalot A Fat Sticky Bud

    Eh once you chop this one you can sell a half for a new bulb and ph pen :)

    By the way, I got a big old bag of perlite for you if you want to experiment with your own soil mix. Otherwise I'm just going to stick it in my veggie garden on the other side of the state in a few weeks and I really CBF to move it.
  17. Discorilla

    Discorilla Shining like a Discoball!

    I'll take the perlite! I was thinking of going pure soil nutrients for my next flowering cycle. I'd start my new veg in it too, probably.

    Gonna be posting pics in a couple days, but things are looking good! To me at least...
  18. SirStynkalot

    SirStynkalot A Fat Sticky Bud

    awesome! We need to kick it before I move over anyway. lemme think... you free toward the end of this coming week? Wanna do a double date? I don't think you've met my girlie and I'm sure you'd love her so long as the conversation stayed away from drugs. She's like the only reason I'm not growing right now...
  19. CCrete

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    Awe, you guys having a Bro-ment?:passsit:
  20. Discorilla

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    It happens sometimes... ^_^

    I think I am free. I'll get back to ya. When is the departure from these woods?

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