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Discussion in 'Grow Log Forum' started by SpecialEd420, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. SpecialEd420

    SpecialEd420 Full Flowering

    Hey guys time to Start my next thread. This round will be 9 Afghan Kush Ryders.

    Fox Farm soil

    Useless formula

    My new Veg room is my old tent 4x4 with a 1000w Digital Dimable ballast & a 1k sumaster MH running at 630w (UNTIL NEW ROOM IS COMPLETED)

    My new flower/veg room is a 8x4 tent 2 1k digital dimable ballasts and OG hoods 8" Can fan HO, 8x40 carbon filter No optional a/c will be needed it will be directly plummed into my existing central a/c

    3 went into soil today the others im hoping will germinate this is the largest batch of seeds to date and i think my little dinky heating pad is having a hard time . But well see how it goes trial and error!
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  2. dlr42

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  3. SpecialEd420

    SpecialEd420 Full Flowering

    Yep 6 out of the 12 seeds have died. My heating pad couldnt heat the big tub i was using to germinate in. only 6 seeds germinated. So ill be running those 6! bummer but like i said trial and error!
  4. Tony Aroma

    Tony Aroma Let's Go - Two Smokes!

    Why do you need a heating pad in the summer? Do you live above the Arctic Circle?

    Seriously, why use a heating pad to germinate seeds? I've never used one, and with good seeds pretty much always get 100% germination. Room temperature works just fine. If it's a bit chilly in the winter time, then set them on top of your TV or computer. How much warmer than that do you want your seeds to get?
  5. SpecialEd420

    SpecialEd420 Full Flowering

    just always have
  6. SpecialEd420

    SpecialEd420 Full Flowering

    Well guys only 4 have made it they will stay In my 4x4 while I start some purple wreck an lemon og kush in my 8x4 hopefully by the weekend after next it will be ready. Then it's

    Time to put my big boy pants on
  7. bncooldude13

    bncooldude13 I supply your drug dealer

    Dear Ed, I have sent you a reply answer. And hope your AKR's will do well. Any questions let me know. Btw I'm thinking my next OP is gonna be Lemon OG. Too.

  8. SpecialEd420

    SpecialEd420 Full Flowering

    Yea I have 4 Lemon OG 4 purple wreck 2 white widow waiting to go into my 8x4 they are in my 4x4 along with the AKR right now. thank god i went with small pots because its jammed wall to wall in there. Ive been waiting on my new exhaust fan for a month now from the local hydro shop. Its all go though i went in there yesterday and they hooked it up with a bunch of free shit. those yo yo's for your plants , a ton of MOAB, some foilage feed. I guess since its a new model MAX FAN they are having a issue keeping up with them. Once i get them in the new tent ill post some pics of that thread.
  9. SpecialEd420

    SpecialEd420 Full Flowering

    Sneak Peak! This is a little bud from the bottom of the plant . Stinky and sticky yum!!!

  10. SpecialEd420

    SpecialEd420 Full Flowering

    well the 3 AKR's came down yesterday , I was going to try and wait til sunday but they werent looking to good. Im guessing somewhere around 7oz give or take I snapped 2 pictures of the first lady out of the tent.. and after that i was just in the zone and didnt take any more. But all in all this was a good grow. Will i ever grow them again.. NO only reason is i have to have the lights on 20/4 So im not able to have a true flowering room. Ill post dried weight and pics come next week.

    And for all the help ive recieved along the way, Thanks !!!!!!!!!! Without the guys here Id probably be fucked !
  11. bncooldude13

    bncooldude13 I supply your drug dealer


    how many days flowered?

    shoot for 40-50 days of flowering for max yeild.
  12. SpecialEd420

    SpecialEd420 Full Flowering

    O they went around 55-60. Pics to come!
  13. SpecialEd420

    SpecialEd420 Full Flowering

    Fucking camera is screwed up..... im pretty happy with the turn out got 7 1/2 off of the 3 lays. buds eneded up being a little airy but thats ok. smokes great not harsh atall. good smell. whne the camera decides to stop being a dick ill post some pics.

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